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Arla LactoFREE is a great idea you can enjoy all sorts of ways. Drink, slurp, nibble. Or do something madly inventive and delicious. Have a look below and see who you’d like to meet first.

Try our Blueberry Yogurt

Velvety smooth yogurt, full of fruit and free from artificial flavours, colours and (of course) lactose. In handy 150g recyclable pots, Yogurt+ are great with granola for breakfast - or simply enjoyed as a tasty snack any time.

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Arla Lactofree Milk

Enjoy it any way you’d enjoy regular milk. You get all the taste and richness, but none of the lactose.

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Arla Lactofree cheese

No wonder people smile just saying it. Easy, tasty and versatile. We’re proud to offer you a delicious selection of real full-flavour cheese, just lactose-free.

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Arla Lactofree yogurt

Best enjoyed with a big spoon. Our full-flavoured, creamy yogurts go down great with any cereal or just straight from the tub. A range of favourite flavours, all guaranteed lactose-free.

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Arla Lactofree spreads

Perfect for picnics or for baking, our lactose-free spread is delicious and 100% natural. Never tried it? Go for it (there’s no looking back).

Our products

Arla Lactofree cream

Whipping or whirling, our cream adds that touch of silky extravagance to everything it touches. Enjoy all the taste and texture you love, free from lactose.