Living lactose free


Living Lactose free

Thanks to LactoFREE you can now enjoy the goodness and great taste of dairy but without lactose. Find great recipes, wellness tips and more below!


Feeling good is an inside job

We all know the importance of wellness in making the most of every day. You can do more in your leisure time, achieve more the rest of the time. Our LactoFREE products will help, proving with every sip and spoonful that you’re free to enjoy dairy your way.

Heard our wellness podcast?

Want to know who’s doing what to find and maintain their wellness? Then listen in to our podcast, The W Word. Host Anna Whitehouse (the original Mother Pukka) chats to Myleene Klass, Matt Willis and other health-conscious celebs about wellness trends and how they go about feeling good.

Coffee tips

Coffee mixology

Whilst the name of the drink is coffee, milk is really the most defining part. We've created an easy guide on how much milk is required to make each coffee. From Lattes to Mochas, enjoy delicious feel good flavour with Arla LactoFREE.

Coffee masterclasses

At-home barista breaks

Come meet our resident barista to find out how you could be making the most of your LactoFREE coffees. Learn how to make incredible latte art or how to perfect creamy texture - we've got it all!

No lactose, but still nutritious

Arla LactoFREE is the taste of pure, natural dairy. And because it’s made from cow’s milk, our products are a natural source of nutrients, such as calcium, protein and vitamins B2 and B12. We’ve removed the lactose but kept the goodness of your regular dairy. No need to hold back – enjoy your well-deserved coffee, breakfast and food with Arla LactoFREE.

Frequently asked questions

How is arla lactofree made?

We use a special filter technique to ensure that the lactose is removed but all the goodness is retained. It’s a gentle 2-step process that ensures we maintain the good nutrients, so you don’t have to compromise.
So you can still enjoy milk and all its nutrients such as; calcium, protein and vitamins B2 and B12. Without the lactose.

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