Lactose-free guacamole sandwich

Lactose-free guacamole sandwich

Ever had one of those moments where your stomach is grumbling and you need to whip up something quick but still delicious? Then our recipe for lactose-free guacamole sandwich is here to save the day. Loaded with creamy guacamole, tender chicken, and some of your favourite vegetables, all nested between 2 slices of crunchy sourdough bread, it is the best way to satisfy your hunger.


Step 1
  • Season the chicken with curry, salt and pepper. Fry it in oil on a pan until tender. Leave to cool and cut into slices.
Step 2
  • Half the avocado, remove the stone and squeeze the avocado into a blender. Add pressed garlic, lemon juice, and the Lactofree soft cheese and blend. Season with salt and pepper.
Step 3
  • Toast the bread and spread with guacamole, chicken, avocado slices, and beetroot sprouts.

When it comes to the guacamole, it is important to select the right avocados. Ripe avocados are best for making guacamole as they will give a nice creamy texture. Ripe avocados should feel slightly soft but not mushy when you give them a gentle squeeze. If they yield to firm, gentle pressure, it is ripe and ready to use.


A meat thermometer is the most reliable tool to ensure your chicken is fully cooked – it should register at about 74°C when inserted into the thickest part of the meat. If you don’t have a thermometer, you can check the chicken's readiness by slicing into it; the meat should be white throughout, and the juices should run clear.

Questions about lactose-free guacamole sandwich

Making guacamole sandwiches is as effortless as it is enjoyable. If you are curious about this delicious treat, keep on reading to find out more.

How to make lactose-free guacamole sandwich?
Begin by seasoning the chicken with curry, salt, and pepper. Then fry it in oil until tender and allow it to cool slightly before slicing it. Next, cut the avocado in half, remove the stone, and squeeze the flesh into a blender. Add garlic, lemon juice, and soft cheese and blend until smooth. Adjust the taste with salt and pepper. Toast some bread slices and add the guacamole. Layer salad, chicken, and sprouts on top to complete your guacamole sandwich.
What goes well with lactose-free guacamole in a sandwich?
A chicken sandwich with guacamole is a classic, so fried, tender chicken is a safe choice. In our recipe we spread the sourdough bread with lactose-free soft cheese and add heart salad and onion sprouts to create a complete flavour experience with different textures. Consider using spinach or sliced cucumbers for added crunch, or enhance the flavours with a mustard spread or toppings such as sliced olives or pickles for tanginess.
Is lactose-free guacamole good on sandwiches?
Yes, lactose-free guacamole is an excellent addition to sandwiches. It adds a creamy, rich, and flavourful element that can enhance a wide range of sandwich ingredients. The delightful blend of avocados and lactose-free soft cheese contributes a velvety texture that complements a variety of sandwich fillings. The distinct creaminess, subtly accentuated by garlic and lemon, harmonises wonderfully with the succulence of tender chicken and other meats.
Products used
Arla® Lactofree soft cheese.

Nutritional values

Nutritional value, per

Fibre 18 gram fibers
Protein 557.9 %
Carbohydrates 66.3 %
Fat 248.6 gram


Chickens breasts
Curry powder
2 tsp
Olive oil
2 tbsp
Clove of garlic
Arla Lactofree soft cheese
100 g
Flake salt and pepper
Sourdough bread
4 slices
Tray of beetroot sprout

Make a delicious and filling lacto-free guacamole sandwich

Making a chicken sandwich with guacamole is a simple yet satisfying endeavour that combines exquisite flavours and tantalising textures. Soft and creamy lacto-free guacamole meets tender, juicy chicken. This delicious pairing makes for a delightful contrast in both flavour and consistency that satisfies both your taste buds and your hunger.

The beauty of this lacto-free guacamole sandwich lies not only in its taste but also in the simplicity of its preparation. Sourdough bread, with its distinct tang and chewiness, makes an excellent foundation for the sandwich. The crispy crust offers a delightful crunch, while the soft inside pairs wonderfully with the creamy guacamole and tender chicken. It is the kind of sandwich you will keep coming back to.

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With tender chicken and fresh salad

The heart of this guacamole sandwich is undoubtedly the succulent chicken. Seasoned with curry, salt, and pepper, the chicken's tender texture and rich flavours sing in perfect harmony with the lacto-free guacamole. The savoury notes of the chicken contrast beautifully with the creaminess of the guacamole, creating a flavour combination that will have you craving more. Accompanying this is a fresh heart salad, its crispness offering a refreshing balance to the hearty ingredients of the chicken guacamole sandwich. The bright and light flavours of the salad add a layer of complexity and ensure that each bite of this lacto-free chicken sandwich with guacamole is perfectly delightful.

A lacto-free guacamole for everyone to enjoy

Preparing guacamole without lactose is a breeze. All it takes is a handful of ingredients and a blender. It calls for ripe avocados, lacto-free soft cheese, pressed garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. This creamy mixture is not only easy to make but also delightfully versatile, pairing well with an array of ingredients. The smooth texture and delectable taste are characterised by the richness of avocados and soft cheese, the citrusy kick of lemon, and the subtle heat of garlic, making it a widespread crowd-pleaser. Lactose-intolerant or not, everyone can relish this guacamole, ensuring no one misses out on the scrumptiousness of the lacto-free guacamole sandwich.

A great thing about this lacto-free guacamole sandwich is how you can make it truly yours. Sure, a chicken sandwich with guacamole is a traditional favourite, but why not shake things up? This creamy guacamole works wonders with a variety of meats. Think about switching out the chicken for grilled steak or turkey. If you don’t have beetroot sprouts or heart salad on hand, regular onions or any salad greens will work just fine. And the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Add some colourful vegetables to really take it up a notch. Crisp bell peppers, tangy pickled onions, or sweet roasted tomatoes can all make this lacto-free guacamole sandwich truly special. Don’t shy away from experimenting with your favourite ingredients.