Air fryer baking and desserts

Air fryer baking and desserts

In the ever-evolving world of cooking, the air fryer has emerged as an unassuming hero. While the device was initially hailed for its ability to fry without excessive oil, it has become quite popular for baking, too. Imagine those cherished baked goods and desserts, their delightful textures and nostalgic aromas, now presented with a novel twist thanks to the air fryer. Shorter baking times, crispy edges, enhanced moisture retention – simply put, all these perks without the long preheat times of traditional ovens. So, journey with us as we navigate this exciting baking frontier, full of tips, tricks, and mouth-watering inspiration.

Tips for baking in an air fryer

If you are new to baking in an air fryer, we have a few tips to help you get started so you can make delicious desserts and cakes in your new kitchen gadget.

Think of the air fryer as a mini convection oven. Much like its larger counterpart, it tremendously benefits from preheating. Even a few minutes of warming up can make a difference, ensuring that your baked goods get a crispier exterior. But note that you can easily cook most food without preheating, it just depends on which result you are trying to achieve.

Moreover, the concept of space takes on a whole new significance in this context. Air circulation, which stands as the core principle of air frying, dictates that baked goods need ample space to get the best results. It is not just about fitting everything in; it is about giving your baked creations the room they need to 'breathe'. So do not overcrowd your air fryer, or you will end up with unevenly baked treats and prolonged cooking times. While the air fryer is extremely efficient, it also calls for heightened vigilance. The compact design ensures rapid heating and baking, which is very convenient, but also means that there is a fine line between perfectly done and over-baked. Therefore, it is a good idea to do regular checks to ward off any baking mishaps.

Going from a traditional oven to an air fryer also means some recipe adjustments. Typically, it is a good rule of thumb to reduce the temperature by about 20 % from what a conventional oven recipe suggests – you can look at our air fryer conversion chart to find more information about that.

Inspiration for desserts and baked goods

Every dessert has its own story. And while we do cherish the old ways of using traditional ingredients and methods, the air fryer offers many new possibilities. The little machine brings a fresh twist, giving your favourite treats an inimitable texture and taste. It is not just about the food; it is about the memories and feelings they stir up. Think of your favourite desserts, but now imagine them with a crispy edge or a tender middle, all thanks to the air fryer. As we spotlight some classic sweets, picture them reinvented with the air fryer's touch, blending the familiar flavours we all love with exciting new textures.


The allure of s'mores, especially when baked in an air fryer, is hard to resist. Try our recipe for air fryer s’mores – a celebration of gooey, melted marshmallows combined with rich chocolate crisp oat cookies. Their charm lies in the balance of taste and texture. The crunchy cookie leads to a burst of rich, melty chocolate and the stickiness of marshmallows stretches with every bite. No wonder they are an eternal campfire favourite! When baked in the air fryer, you get an evenly melted core with a touch of crispness that is just pure perfection.

Chocolate chip cookies

Delve into the charm of the chocolate chip cookie – a treat celebrated across all age groups. The magic lies in the contrasting textures of a crispy edge and soft, melt-in-your-mouth centre, all thanks to the air fryer. The rich, bittersweet dark chocolate not only tantalises with an enticing aroma but also renders pockets of lusciousness, offering bursts of indulgence with every bite. The texture and taste are undeniably a match made in heaven, which is probably why chocolate chip cookies have endured as a timeless treat. They stand as a testament to simplicity, quality ingredients, and the sheer joy of baking. Try making your own air fryer chocolate chip cookies today.

Cakes and muffins

Think of fluffy cakes and moist muffins with a golden-brown crust, all achievable in an air fryer thanks to the dynamic heat circulation that ensures even baking. The device is not just for traditional fried foods; it is a sanctuary for bakers seeking originality. You can achieve the same soft, spongey interiors and crispy exteriors that an oven provides but in a fraction of the time.

Consider air fryer banana muffins. The warm aroma of bananas mingled with the nutty crunch of walnuts. Or a classic chocolate cake, where each bite is moist and dense. Let the ideas above fuel your imagination and inspire you to explore the vast possibilities the air fryer offers, whether it is air fryer desserts or air fryer cake recipes. If you need more inspiration, you should check out our guide to popular air fryer recipes .