An Arla truck driver in his cab
Arla cares


Dairy to store

Investing in the latest vehicle and engine technology is just one of the ways we reduce environmental emissions from transportation, and our state of the art vehicles are built to the highest standard, currently Euro 5, which means we use the cleanest diesel engines available.

Similarly, since 1998, all our vehicle’s have been fitted with telematics to monitor engine performance, fuel consumption and driver behaviour. Thirty per cent of our fleet is fitted with idle shut-down which means fuel isn’t used when the vehicle is idle for over three minutes and features such as aerodynamic outer panelling and wind deflectors also contribute to reduced fuel consumption.

We have also begun trials of energy efficient tyres and spray-reduction mud flaps.We use five per cent bio-diesel blend across our fleet and are currently carrying out trials using LNG dual fuel technology and will take a decision on its widespread introduction later in 2011. Methane, in liquid form, is one of the least carbon intensive fossil fuels available, contributing to 24 per cent less carbon than diesel. 

Farm to dairy 

Working with Danish, Swedish and Finnish milk collection experts within Arla, the best features from all the countries’ tankers have been the model for our new global tanker concept. Our new 32-tonnes rigid vehicles have a 20,500 litre capacity and their hydraulic milk collection system can collect up to 50,000 litres an hour, double the previous rate. Not only does this mean their engines spend less time idling so we can use less fuel, where it would normally take less than 10 minutes.