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Arla farmers are proud that milk is nature’s original superfood, full of natural goodness and packed with vitamins and minerals.

The Arla cooperative believes in providing naturally good dairy that nourishes you throughout your day and your life. And that the stronger your foundation, the better you feel, the more able you are to grasp life’s possibilities.

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“We deliver healthy, great tasting dairy products that are simple, natural, wholesome and nutritious.”


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Milk is naturally rich in nutrients, and our farmers are proud to be able to transform it into hundreds of nutritious dairy products that meet the needs and tastes of people all over the world.

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“Our milk is treated with the utmost care, from our farms to your fridge.”


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Farmers milk their cows every day. Straight after milking the milk is cooled to a safe storage temperature on the farm. The milk is then collected from their farms every - or every other day, so when the milk reaches the dairy it is still cool and fresh.

Keeping it fresh is our farmers way of ensuring that as much of the great taste and natural benefits are retained as possible.

“We constantly monitor the quality of our milk, testing it several times during its journey from farm to store. The results of these tests are documented to ensure high quality.”

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“We’re proud of the Arla products we make, made with natural ingredients.”

Natural ingredients wherever possible

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Arla farmers know how good their milk is and so always aim for it to be as natural as possible, only adding other ingredients if necessary.

Arla Cravendale milk is fresher for longer by filtering milk rather than adding ingredients or extra heat treatment.

Icelandic-style Arla Skyr is a great source of go-to goodness, made with extra milk, it is fat free, high in protein and reduced sugar.

Arla Lactofree products are made with all natural ingredients, containing the goodness of dairy with no lactose.


It’s quite simple really. Arla farmers want to keep their cows comfortable and well cared for, because healthy cows are happy cows – and happy cows produce more milk.

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Arla farmers strongly believe that dairy is part of a healthy and sustainable diet. This is why they have worked for many years to continuously improve their farms, dairies and products.

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Dairy produced with passion – directly from the farm to you.

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