Arla tanker truck backing up onto a parking space at a factory
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Our Dairies

Gas and electricity consumption contributes a significant proportion of our carbon footprint within our dairy operations which is why we employ management systems specifically developed to reflect the individual circumstances at each of our sites.

Since 2006, all our dairy sites have individually been certified to ISO14001 which ensures we have robust environmental management systems in place.

Water use is essential in our processes and for cleaning our sites to ensure the highest possible quality product. We strive to reduce water consumption through optimising our processes and by using sophisticated technologies like reverse osmosis. We have signed up to reduce water consumption at all our dairies as part of the Federation House Commitment.

Using sophisticated monitoring and targeting systems we have reduced carbon emissions from our dairies by optimising our supply chain, from 2005 to 2010 we made a 19.7 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions.

We have also made significant investment in energy efficiency with the widespread use of variable speed drives and voltage optimisation.

We are confident that by taking a holistic view to waste we will achieve this by reducing waste using LEAN techniques then by ensuring that we re-use or recycle as much of the remaining waste as possible. The majority of Arla's sites are zero waste to landfill.