Arla Homemade Simple dessert recipes

Explore our selection of simple dessert recipes for your next dessert project. Perfect to enjoy with family and friends or as a weekend activity with the kids.

Meal type
Afternoon tea Breakfast Brunch Buffet Dinner
Appetiser Dessert Main course Starters
Everyday Finger food Lunch Picnic School meals Side dish Snacks Supper
Bbq Birthday Dinner for one Dinner for two Dinner party Friday Kids party Midweek Party food Ramadan Roast dinner Saturday Sunday Wedding
Seasons and holidays
Autumn Bonfire night Boxing day Christmas Easter Halloween New year's Pancake day Spring Summer Valentine's day Winter
American Asian
Indian Japanese Thai
British Caribbean Danish English Irish Mediterranean
French Greek Italian Spanish
Mexican Swedish Turkish
Cooking style
Cooking method
Air Fryer Baked Baking Braised Cheap Easy Family-friendly Fried Healthy Kid-friendly Leftovers Meal prep One-pot Quick Simple Traditional Traybake
Savoury Spicy Sweet
Baking and desserts
Biscuits Bread
Flatbread Sourdough
Banana bread Brownie Cheesecake Cupcakes Fruit cakes Loaf cake Muffins Scones Shortbread Sponge cake
Crumble Cookies Fudge Ice cream
Ice lollies
Meringue Mousse Pancakes Pastry
Puff pastry Shortcrust pastry
Pavlova Pie Pudding Tart Truffles Waffles
Smoothie bowls
Burger Casseroles Chili Comfort food Currys Egg
Frittata Omelette Scrambled egg
Goulash Gratin Mashed potato Meatballs Moussaka Pasta
Bolognese Carbonara Lasagne Macaroni and cheese Pasta sauce Spaghetti
Pizza Porridge Quiche Risotto Salads
Green salad Pasta salad Potato salad
Sandwiches Soup Stews Tacos Tapas Wraps
Coffee drinks Drinks Milkshakes Smoothie
Chutney Dips Salad dressings Sauce
Sauce for chicken Sauce for fish Sauce for meatballs Sauce for salmon
Blue cheese Cottage cheese Cream cheese Feta cheese Mozzarella
Milk and cream
Buttermilk Double cream Single cream
Creme fraiche Greek yoghurt Quark Sour cream Yoghurt
All fruits Apple Berries
Blackcurrant Blueberry Cranberry Fig Grape Raspberry Strawberry
Citrus fruits
Lemon Lime Orange
Exotic fruits
Banana Coconut Kiwi Mango Passion fruit Pineapple Pomegranate
Pear Rhubarb Stonefruits
Apricot Avocado Cherry Date Peach Plum
All vegetables Asparagus Aubergine Beans
Edamame Kidney beans
Butternut squash Cabbage
Broccoli Brussels sprout Cauliflower Kale
Celery Chickpea Courgette Cucumber Fennel Garlic Leek Lentils
Red lentils
Lettuce Mushroom Onion Peppers
Green pepper Red pepper
Pumpkin Radish Root vegetables
Beetroot Carrot Celeriac Parsnip Potato Sweet potato
Shallot Spinach Tomato
Herbs and spices
Basil Coriander Ginger Lemon balm Mint Parsley Sage Turmeric
All meats Beef
Beef mince Beef steak Diced beef
Lamb mince
Minced meat Pork
Bacon Chorizo Ham Pork fillet Pork mince Pork tenderloin
Chicken breast Chicken fillet Diced chicken
Duck Turkey
All seafood Fish
Cod Salmon Smoked salmon
Nuts and seeds
Almond Walnut
The pantry
Almond flour Buckwheat Chocolate Coconut milk Couscous Egg yolk Honey Noodles Oatmeal Oats Peanut butter Plain flour Polenta Popcorn Rice Semolina White chocolate
Diets and allergies
Gluten free High protein Lactose free Low calorie Low carb Low fat Pescatarian Sugar free Vegetarian