Arla Lactofree cream

Whipping or whirling, our cream adds that touch of silky extravagance to everything it touches. Enjoy all the taste and texture you love, free from lactose.

Our cream products

No lactose. Still dairy

All Arla LactoFREE products are lactose-free with the taste of pure, natural dairy. And because it’s made from cow’s milk, our products are a natural source of nutrients, such as calcium, protein and vitamins B2 and B12. We’ve simply removed the lactose using our patented noninfiltrating technique. Want to know how? Hit the button here.

Enjoy it the way you want

You know what cream does to strawberries? Then picture yourself pouring it into a homemade soup, an ovenproof dish full of potatoes or in a dessert. Our Arla LactoFREE cream works wonders in both whipping and cooking.


Planet friendlier* packaging

Not only is our packaging full of good stuff, it’s made from good stuff, too. By using fewer, better materials, we’ve cut their CO2e footprint by 24%.