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Pure Filtered to stay fresh up to 3 weeks!

We finely filter our milk through ceramic filters. This makes Cravendale stay fresh for up to 3 weeks unopened & 7 days when open, so you can enjoy milky goodness all week long.



This summer Arla Cravendale, the fresh milk that lasts longer, brings you the first-ever Last Marble Standing Games! Go wild for the sporting event of the year and find out which victorious marbles will last the longest.

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Filling 4.8M breakfast bowls for those who need it most

At Arla Cravendale we've partnered with Magic Breakfast to help keep breakfasts going, and have donated enough milk to provide 4.8m bowls of cereal to school children who need it most.

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What makes Cravendale so deliciously pure?

At Cravendale we love a filter. Even our milk is filtered for purity which is why it stays fresher for long! No additives or UHT, it's fresh milky goodness, pure and simple.

Fresh milk, filtered for purity

We’re dedicated to crafting the tastiest British milk around. Everything matters when it comes to making the delicious white stuff, from our happy cows to the way we filter our milk for purity.

Cappuccino coffees

At Cravendale we use ceramic filters to finely filter our milk for purity, which means it tastes delicious & makes for a pretty special coffee too!


Stays fresh for twice as long

We use ceramic filters to remove naturally occurring impurities whilst keeping in all the good stuff. This keeps Cravendale fresher for longer without adding any additives. Pure genius!

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Discover what makes Cravendale deliciously pure milk…

Ok you got us. Read the Cravendale Story here to find out more about our marvellous, fresh milk!

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Good news, you can freeze milk & Cravendale's no different. These are our top-tips on how to get the best results:

  • Freeze as soon as possible & within the Best Before date
  • Decant into container, leaving room for expansion (in case your bottle bursts!)
  • Defrost in the fridge & best enjoyed within 24hrs


Industry Leaders Weigh in on Cravendale

Take a look at our very serious video on how we make Arla Cravendale, which contrary to some reports is absolutely, definitely 100% fresh milk that’s filtered for purity.

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100% Natural Ingredients, 100% Tasty

We don’t add anything to Cravendale, no additives, no preservatives and no UHT treatment. It’s simply filtered to remove impurities whilst keeping in all the milky good stuff.

Cereal with bananas
Milk bottle with straw

Grass meadow

Stuck for ideas? Pick up a marvellous milky tip from one of our articles.



With 3,200 British farmers in our Arla family, you can trust in our skill and expertise to deliver a top-notch glass of the good stuff. Our initiatives are centred around animal welfare, sustainability and products with natural goodness. Why not explore more at our virtual farm!

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Come home to a cuppa

Because Arla Cravendale lasts up to 3 weeks unopened, why not pop a bottle your fridge before your travels, so you can come home to a proper cuppa! So even if you get back in the middle of the night, after a delayed flight and lost luggage, at least you can have a jolly good brew!

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