Cravendale and Arla C.A.R.E

Arla farmers who produce Cravendale milk have been singing their hearts out about our free to graze cows and the launch of the new Arla C.A.R.E Programme.

Cravendale farm tour with Ashley Banjo

We invited Ashley Banjo to roam free with our cows on an Arla farm while one of our expert Arla farmers showed him the ropes.

What is Arla C.A.R.E?

Arla C.A.R.E is our new set of farming standards which focus on the welfare of our cows, helping our farms to be more sustainable and supporting local wildlife.

C.A.R.E represents Cooperative, Animal Welfare, Renewable Energy and Ecosystem.


Everybody’s Free

Take a look at our new TV advert featuring our very own Arla C.A.R.E farmers (and their real voices) singing the well-known track, Everybody’s Free. It’s all about freedom, like our cows who are free to graze and enjoy the country air. It’s definitely worth singing about.


Behind the scenes with Arla farmers

If you enjoyed our new Cravendale TV advert, check out the behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot as well as hearing from our farmers on the bonds they have with cows and even what music they play to them in the milking parlour.