Giving bees their buzz back

At Arla, our farmer owners are passionate about protecting the land around us and have been working to support biodiversity for a number of years. As the UK faces an un-bee-liveable biodiversity crisis, the 2,300 farmers that own Arla are calling on the nation to unite with them in supporting pollinators and join the Bee Road.

Perfect pollinators

Around a third of the food we eat relies on pollinators such as bees. But our pollinator population is in decline, which puts some of our great British food under threat. The Bee Road aims to create a network of national pollinator pitstops filled with bee-friendly flowers, giving these vital insects places to rest and refuel before they continue to pollinate some of our most important crops.

Working with nature

Our farmers work in step with nature to protect the land for future generations and to produce the best quality food from their farm to your fridge. Check out the work they have been doing to do their bit for biodiversity right across the country.

The Bee Road

Our farmer owners are on a mission to save the bees by creating a network of bee pitstops across our farms & in gardens across the country. Why not play our Bee Road game for a chance to win 1 of 50 Bee long will you last?!

Hay Fever is Worth It for the Bees

Our Bee Road initiative set out to help Britain’s bees and support our natural biodiversity. We wanted to help some of our most important pollinators to thrive and raise awareness of their vital role in our ecosystem.

How to support biodiversity

Want to get involved and help our bees? Whether it’s a patch in your garden, a window box or even a bee bath, everyone can help and every flower planted will go someway to helping give bees their buzz back. Check out the guides below to help you get started.

How to make a bee hotel with Arla Cravendale

Arla Cravendale teaches you how to make a bee hotel that allows bees a safe area to rest while they pollinate your garden.

How to make a bee friendly planter with Arla B.O.B

Arla B.O.B shows you how to create a bee friendly planter for the bees and bug in your garden

How to make a bee bath with Arla Big Milk

Arla Big Milk teaches you how to make a bee bath, which allows bees to drink and hydrate in summer sun.

It's a bug's life

Joining forces with Buglife, one of the UK’s leading protectors and supporters of pollinators, Arla is asking the Great British public to give a little corner of their gardens, back yards, balconies, hanging baskets, window boxes or even just plant pots to help save our pollinators.