Ramadan desserts

Ramadan desserts

Buttery pastry, warming spices, velvety cream fillings, fresh fruits, crunchy nuts, and aromatic sugar syrups. These are just some of the delicious components often used in Ramadan desserts. These sweet treats, which are usually enjoyed as the finishing touch to a wonderful iftar meal, can be traditional, modern, or a mix of the two. As such, a well-stocked Ramadan dessert table provides an ample opportunity to get creative with your chosen dessert recipes for Ramadan.

Explore these Ramadan dessert themes

Enjoy traditional desserts for Ramadan

Since the time of the prophet Muhammad, it has been a tradition to break the fast by eating a date. But after you enjoy a savoury iftar meal with starters, snacks, and more filling dishes, most people will enjoy some sweet and delicious Ramadan desserts to follow the savoury selection. Luckily, there is a wealth of different and easy Ramadan dessert recipes to choose from.

Traditional does not have to mean difficult. Some Ramadan desserts are crispy, some sweet, and some creamy with traditional Ramadan dessert flavours and ingredients like semolina, cream, pistachio, floral-flavoured sugar syrup, traditional buttery pastry, and much more. With our easy-to-follow Ramadan dessert recipes featuring wonderful cooking tips, we can be your helping hand in the kitchen so you do not have to spend all of your time here but instead focus on the people who matter most.

Iftar desserts and cakes

Savoury main courses may – even though they are delicious – leave you feeling like something is missing. So finishing the meal with a little something sweet, is often what dot the i's and cross the t's. 

Whether you like treats that are sweet, chocolaty, zesty, or even tangy, we have something for you in our selection of easy iftar dessert recipes. Since so many different tastes, textures, and cuisines are showcased, only you and yours can decide what is the best dessert for Ramadan in your home.

Easy no-bake desserts

The best dessert for iftar is sometimes also the easiest. Making a delicious Ramadan dessert does not have to take hours on end, and many iftar dessert ideas do not even require you to turn on the oven! As such, preparing sweet Ramadan desserts can be easy, leaving you with plenty of time to spend with family and loved ones.

An incredibly easy option that will delight the children in your life is, of course, ice cream. The cold treat, which can be made or bought in a vast array of different flavours and colours, is sure to be a hit. You can also use it as a side to other quick iftar desserts like pancakes and waffles. Light desserts like pudding are similarly versatile.

Another simple yet tasty idea is a trifle with whipped cream and vanilla cake. This decorative layered dessert may be made with your choice of berries and fruit, making it easy to accommodate your and your family's tastes. If the idea of using fresh fruit in your no-bake dessert for iftar appeals to you, a colourful fruit salad might be just the thing.

Sweet treats for suhoor

Though desserts are not traditionally meant for suhoor, you can always add just a hint of sweetness to the first meal of the day. Have a look at our quick and easy suhoor ideas for Ramadan to find inspiration on how to start the day right every day during the Holy Month with a few sweet treats in there too.

Fluffy pancakes and waffles served with fresh fruits and berries or more savoury toppings like labneh and paneer cheese are, as such, a good choice to brighten your mornings. So too is the irresistible umm Ali! This traditional yet easy Ramadan dessert with filo pastry and nuts can even be made more breakfast appropriate by incorporating rolled oats into it.

Breaking fast with food and desserts for Ramadan

There are many traditions for Ramadan and fasting, combining fasting, prayer, self-reflection, and connecting with God as well as the community.

A popular way to break the fast is with tasty Ramadan soups, bread, dips, Ramadan salads, and halal meat to be followed by your easy Ramadan desserts. How many desserts you decide to make is entirely up to you but since most Ramadan desserts are good for many days, if stored correctly, you can serve a bit of multiple different ones each day to keep things interesting.

Questions about Ramadan desserts

No iftar meal would be complete without the inclusion of a sweet dessert. Learn more about Ramadan desserts by reading answers to the most frequently asked questions about them here.