Soups are perfect for Ramadan! These warm and comforting dishes are great to eat either before beginning your fast at suhoor or for breaking it at sundown for iftar. The best Ramadan soups are flavourful, have vibrant colours, and are simple to make. As they are easy to experiment with, they make varying your meals during this special time fun and uncomplicated.

Explore these Ramadan soup themes

Delicious Ramadan soups for iftar and suhoor

Breaking Ramadan fasting with soups is a great. They make for a light meal that will not overwhelm you after many hours of fasting. Rather, they gently warm you from the inside out.

The fact that they are served hot also makes eating them too fast difficult. This allows you to ease slowly into eating again as you break your fast which gives you time to truly enjoy and appreciate the sunset meal. Often, you will drink the soup, allowing yourself to truly feel the warmth all the way down your stomach as you drink. And soups also make for a lovely as well as practical addition to your suhoor table.

The most classic soup for Ramadan is lentil soup. The dish is traditionally served during Holy Month to break the fast at iftar meals. This light soup is simply incredibly tasty.

Smooth and creamy vegetable soups

One of the greatest things about Ramadan soups is that they can be made with a wealth of different ingredients that will give them delicious flavour profiles and vibrant colours. As such, if you have a favourite vegetable, odds are you can turn it into a beautiful, smooth soup.

Great soup ideas for Ramadan include making sweet-tasting ones with carrot, onion, and tomato or a slightly bitter one with spinach. Soups with mild asparagus and broccoli or umami-packed mushrooms are equally delicious. So too are earthy soups with pumpkin and root vegetables. Of course, potato soup is a creamy classic that should never be discounted.

Try out our many vegetable soup recipes throughout the Holy Month to discover the best soup for iftar and suhoor according to you and yours.

Hearty seafood soups

An easy Ramadan soup with seafood is sure to be a hit with anyone looking to serve a delicious main course. And for instance fish could be the base of just that; with its tenderness and flavour, you are sure to find the perfect fish for your savoury soups.

Fish pairs nicely with all kinds of vegetables as well as spices. You can season the Ramadan seafood soup with different spices to infuse it with traditional Middle Eastern flavours or flavour it with fresh herbs. Make your favourite fish the star of your dish or add it to another wonderful Ramadan soup recipe to introduce texture and add that little extra something.

Quick and easy Ramadan soups

Making delicious, comforting, and beautiful Ramadan soups do not have to take long at all. Most of our iftar soup recipes can be prepared in very short time. See for instance 7 soups for Ramadan you can make in under 1 hour so you can get a quick, fuss-free start for iftar or suhoor.

Choosing nice and quick meals for Ramadan allows you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family. Since Ramadan soups are simple to make, involving younger family members in the cooking process is easy and hassle-free. Our Ramadan soups are, as such, wonderful opportunities to spend time together in the kitchen where you can perform the task of cooking together as a family before sitting down for iftar with a homecooked, easy soup.

Find the perfect side dishes for your Ramadan soups

Most soup recipes pair nicely with a crisp-crusted piece of bread. The textual contrast between soup and bread makes for a great eating experience and the bread's ability to soak up all the soupy goodness is fantastic.

If you enjoy the combination of velvety soup and crunchy bread, our easy soups for Ramadan may also be served with crunchy toppings like homemade croutons or fried flatbread. Or opt for a fresh side salad with crispy vegetables to nicely balance a creamy soup.

Questions about Ramadan soups

Though soups are delicious all year round, they are perfect for the Holy Month. To learn more about Ramadan soups, read our answers to the most frequently asked questions about them below.