Veggie Lasagne

Left over veggies? No worries! Try our Vegetarian Lasagne - made with fat free Arla B.O.B Milk.

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Chilli Hot Chocolate

Have a cosy night in with a winter warming chilli hot chocolate – treat yourself – it’s made with fat free Arla B.O.B Milk - mmmmm, tasty!

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Toffee Apple Cake

A tasty treat for Halloween - that's one way to eat up all your Apple B.O.Bs
Get Baking with Arla B.O.B Fat Free Milk!

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Vanilla rice pudding

A classic dish made even tastier with rich vanilla, nutmeg, cardamom and cinnamon.

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Mocha Shake

Delicious ice-cold chocolate drink with lots of whipped cream. Bon appetite!

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Coconut Smoothie with Mango and Pineapple

Here you get the whole of the Caribbean in a glass! If you want to make it even more special, then top with roasted coconut.

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Pineapple Ice Lollies

Round up the kids and make these tasty ice lollies. A deliciously refreshing treat made with Arla BoB and pineapples. Perfect for cooling down on those hot summer days!

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Cucumber and Mint Smoothie

Are you ready for a different and delicious drink - Bon appetite!

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Pancake Day has creped up on us! Luckily we’ve created this delicious recipe made with Arla B.O.B milk. So you can have the tasty pancakes you love without the guilt.

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Add a sunshine start to your day! Our perfect berry porridge is made with Arla B.O.B milk, so you can have fat free milk that’s full of flavour.

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Not so naughty mac and cheese video


Mouth wateringly creamy Mac & Cheese recipe made with Arla BOB is the perfect comfort food.


Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup

Keep warm this winter with this hearty Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup.

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A bowl of Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup
Rainbow waffles topped with berries and mint

Rainbow waffles

Celebrate Pride with extra yum! Delicious rainbow waffles made with Arla BOB.

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Thai Beef Curry

Spice it up with this Thai Beef Curry. Packed with flavour and only 114 cals per serving!

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A bowl of thai beef curry

Thai Salmon Curry

A lightly spicy Thai Salmon Curry - for a special weekend treat!

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Pumpkin Soup

Get warm with this Pumpkin Soup! Treat yourself this autumn with only 61 cals per serving.

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A bowl of Pumpkin Soup
Two glasses of white russian topped with cinnamon sticks

Virgin White Russian

Enjoy your favourite classic cocktail without the naughty-ness!

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Fish pie

A tasty way to liven up mid-week dinners, why not try our delicious Fish Pie?

Adding the final touches


Deliciously sweet and tasty smoothie made with Arla BOB. Just blitz in a blender!


Overnight Oats

Start your day the right way with these gooey overnight oats topped with tasty fruit and nuts.

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Two jars of overnight oats with nuts and berry toppings
Two glass mugs of chai latte

Chai Latte

Try this deliciously stylish Chai Latte with only 25 cals per serving.

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