Skimmed milk that tastes like semi
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Arla B.O.B.

Arla B.O.B is a lovely little ray of sunshine in the dairy aisle - a fat-free skimmed milk that tastes as full-flavoured as semi-skimmed. By bringing you the best of both varieties, you’re free to glug it, pour it, splash it and dash it to your hearts content!


Arla B.O.B.


We’ve freshened up fresh milk and aimed to change the game. B.O.B is free of artificial ingredients and additives, and is enriched with naturally occurring milk protein to deliver a taste as good as semi-skimmed. Now you can enjoy the best of both with zero compromise. 

Tastes like semi-skimmed
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Roll up, roll up, and try your hand at our deliciously fun game. Just don’t knock B.O.B over! 



It’s a tasty claim, but to make sure we could put our money where our milk is we got the guys at Leatherhead Research to test it out.

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They went out into the world to ask real people, aged between 16 and 85 years*, how B.O.B stacked up against Arla’s standard semi-skimmed milk. When asked about the aroma, flavour, texture and appearance, consumers couldn’t tell the difference between B.O.B and semi-skimmed milk. So you don’t need to just take our word for it - Arla B.O.B really does taste as good as semi-skimmed milk.

New Year's Resolutions

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  1. Keep it simple
    Clear and achieveable goals will be easier to keep - don’t give yourself more than you can handle!

  2. Treat yourself
    Make sure to reward yourself for sticking to your goals, especially when you reach little milestones along the way.

  3. Give Arla B.O.B a go
    Changing up your milk with B.O.B, the skimmed milk which tastes like semi, could help make some of your resolutions easier to reach.
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It really does taste as good as semi-skimmed milk

The start of a new year is the perfect time to aim for the stars – eat healthier, try new things and be all around better than the year before. Why not give B.O.B a go and see whether changing up your milk makes your resolutions easier to reach?

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*208 regular consumers of fresh semi-skimmed milk (74% female, 26% male), aged between 16 and 85 years took part in the test, which included a wide range of usage occasions.

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