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Living Well

Living Well

Find out how Arla Skyr can help you achieve your wellness goals


Icelanders know that the secret to living well is to live a life filled with surprise and adventure. They also know that to live this life, you need to eat well. Naturally high protein, less sugar*, and 0% fat, skyr helps them do just that.

*Our flavoured variants have 30% less sugar than the market average of comparable products.

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What’s your morning routine? Get up. Get dressed. Take a stroll with wild horses? Find the best route to work to avoid a volcano? Icelanders make the most of every morning. Because they start their day with skyr. Skyr is Icelandic by nature. Super thick and creamy. And contains more protein than a regular yoghurt. So whether you’re smothering it on lava bread or trying a new routine, Arla Skyr helps you make the most of your breakfast. And your morning.

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A fruity twist for breakfast

We all love a relaxed breakfast at home but in reality, life often gets in the way. Sometimes you need a burst of healthy energy but haven’t got the time to unleash your breakfast creativity. For those times, Arla Skyr Mixed Berries comes in a single-serving size to help you live well, conveniently.

A fruity twist for breakfast