Windermere, 9-11th June 2023

Thick, creamy and high in protein

We are proud to announce Arla as the Title Partner of the Great North Swim, the UK’s biggest open-water swimming event.

And if you’re heading to the big event this year, you’ll find Arla Skyr there in full support.


Great north swim logo

The perfect training partner

Thick, creamy, and high in protein, it’s made the Icelandic way - to set you up for the day, whatever you have in store.

So whether you’ve got a training day, a race day, or just a busy family day, trust Arla Skyr to help you dive in.

Arla Skyr contains dairy and lactose. 

Competitors at the greast north swim


Sophie shares her everyday life and adventures, especially since becoming a new mum. She is a huge lover of cold water, creating her community ‘Rise Fierce’ to encourage women to feel empowered and get involved. So this one’s for the girls!

Image of @sophiehellyer


Thao is an outdoor adventurer and mum, sharing her everyday experiences in nature, including her love for swimming in The Lake District with friends as her escapism. She can’t wait to take on The Arla Great North Swim and show you what she’s got!

Image of @herbie_bean

@thewild swimmingbrothers

The Wild Swimming brothers love to share their love for cold water swimming from all around the world. Consistently encouraging their community to focus on their breathing and the mindful properties of swimming, they share their expertise and advice for getting started on your journey!

image of @thewildswimmingbrothers


As a breathwork specialist and cold water enthusiast, David works alongside The Farm Club to share his skills with his community. Often encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and into the water to enhance their mindfulness and try something new. Focus on your breathing as you watch him speed through the water!

Image of @Davidjamesseed

The Farm Club are a fitness, health and wellbeing community, set within 300 acres of land. They offer a variety of classes, including their breathwork ice plunges and cold water swimming. Encouraging all of their community and audience to get involved and feel a sense of belonging.