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The sport of kings

Summer 2020 may not have been the summer of sport we expected, but what we got was just as exhilarating. The Last Marble Standing games saw six teams go marble-to-marble across incredible sporting events, where the last marble standing would be the ultimate victor.

our contenders

Meet the teams

Team purity
Team purity

The Duke and Duchess of Craven personally filtered through thousands of aspiring athletes to find the purist marbles for the Team Purity line-up. It’s safe to say there were a lot of eyes on this team’s performance when that first starting gun went off.

Milky Madness
Milky Madness

A powerhouse of endurance and teamwork, Milky Madness were the team to beat in the LMS Games. Highest placed in the qualifiers, they quickly became the bookies favourite to win, and caught the attention of many of our high-profile fans. 

The freshers
The freshers

The Freshers hit the ground running when they qualified in 3rd place in an unexpected but refreshing turn of events. With a lot to prove, these underdogs definitely got a lot of attention when game day arrived.

Semi Skimmers
Semi Skimmers

A clear audience favourite coming out of the earlier rounds, the Semi Skimmers garnered a huge fan-base very quickly. While their performance in the qualifiers landed them a respectable mid-spot, what they lacked for in points they sure made up for in personality.

Graze of glory
Graze of glory

Marble veterans, Graze Of Glory are the longest standing team in our line-up. First stepping out as a team in 1923, the Graze Of Glory banner has been seen waving at almost every major marble event up until their retirement in 1985. But now they’re back with a brand new line-up and the same old spirit.

Dairy Dash
Dairy Dash

A team that’s known more for their speed than their endurance, there were more than a few shocked faces when we saw Dairy Dash in the line-up for the tournament. However, finishing just behind Milky Madness to take second place in the qualifiers, it’s clear this team have thought hard about what it takes to compete in these games.


Watch the games

June 2020 saw the most gripping sporting event of the year: the Last Marble Standing Games. Six teams competed across six events to win the Cravendale Cup.

round 1

Funnel spin

A classic in marble sports, the aim of funnel spin is to finish the course in last place. Marbles need mental preparedness, agility and concentration to hold on for as long as possible as they spin down the track. Get your angles right and you may just win this heat.

Marbles spinning in funnels
Round 2


One of the most challenging courses in the cup, our marbles must make it across the balance beam and into the end zone for a perfect score. The judges in this heat are looking for strong performances from all four teammates, which is easier said than done when you’re round and made of glass.

A long, sloped marble track for balancing
Round 3

The long jump

One of the most recognisable sports in athletics – marble-themed or otherwise – the long jump is a chance for each marble to show how well they can perform in the air. Which team will go the distance in this magnificent test of endurance and style?

A marble track for long jump
do it yourself


You’ve seen the teams, but what goes into the ultimate marble circuit? See for yourself and build your own.

round 4


Athleticism and strength are what it takes to make it through the collision round of the Last Marble Standing Games. Two teams charge at one another with full force with the aim of knocking each other out of the arena. Who will be able to hold their nerve?

A marble area for collision
round 5

Block pushing

Muscle is all that matters in the block pushing leg of the cup. Each team must hurtle down the podium in a bid to knock each other out of the arena and out of the running. There’s no room for error in this ultimate test of force and power. The pressure is on.

A narrow marble track for block pushing
round 6

Lap race

The epitome of The Last Marble Standing games, the lap race is designed to see which of our marble teams can last the longest. Six contenders, one marathon track and the glory of being crowned a champion – it all boils down to this unique marble race track which pushes skill, longevity and marble endurance to the limit.

A marble race track
Marbles on a sky background