Rocky road

Rocky road

30 min
Rocky road candy is a wonderful no-bake delight that may be eaten all year round. Although many enjoy this confection around holidays like Christmas and Easter, nothing is stopping you from making it whenever you are in the mood for something sweet. The combination of sweet marshmallows, crunchy nuts, soft marzipan, and rich, dark chocolate makes for a delicious treat.


  • Cut chocolate into large chunks and melt them in the microwave or using a water bath. Fold marzipan cubes into the melted chocolate.
  • Mix almonds, mini marshmallows, pistachios, and candy in another bowl. Save about ⅓ to use as a garnish. Fold the rest into the chocolate mixture and mix it well.
  • Pour the chocolate mixture out onto a piece of parchment paper. The layer should be about 1½ cm thick. Sprinkle it with the last of the almond and candy mix – press the decorations lightly into the chocolate mixture’s surface. Let the chocolate set in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes.
  • Cut the confection into small squares of 2 x 2 cm and serve.

In this recipe, you can melt and temper the chocolate using a microwave or water bath. The best tip for how to make a rocky road candy bar with perfectly tempered chocolate using a microwave is to make sure to stir the melting chocolate with a dry metal spoon at 30-second intervals until about ¾ of it has melted. Do the same with a water bath. Remove the bowl and stir the chocolate mixture vigorously until the rest of the chocolate chunks have melted as well. Use your tempered chocolate straight away as it will cool and set quickly.

Questions about rocky road

With our simple rocky road recipe, making this delectable confection is easy as pie, or rather, easier! Below you can learn more about the treat by reading our answers to the most frequently asked questions about it.

What is rocky road?
A traditional rocky road candy bar delivers a chocolatey dessert usually served as individual bars or cut into square pieces. This no-bake candy is most often made from chocolate, marshmallows, nuts, and a wealth of different ingredients like candy, biscuits, berries, dried fruit, and so on. Different varieties of chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts may be used to create personal favourites or seasonal variations, and it is, as such, a very versatile treat or dessert.
How to make rocky road?
Serving homemade rocky road candy bars to friends and family is a great way to give them a special treat without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Simply get your ingredients ready so you can mix them into the dark chocolate as soon as it has melted. Pour the mixture onto some parchment paper and garnish it before allowing it to set in the refrigerator. Cut it with a sharp, potentially heated knife to ensure sharp edges.
Can you freeze rocky road?
This candy-packed treat may be frozen for up to 3 months. Wrap it in a double layer of cling film and finish with a layer of foil to protect it from freezer burn. Separate any layers with a bit of parchment paper to avoid them sticking to each other. Once you are ready to eat it, unwrap it, transfer it to an airtight container, and thaw it overnight in the refrigerator. Take it out of the refrigerator a bit before serving so it has time to reach room temperature.
How long does rocky road last?
Depending on whether you decide to store the homemade rocky road candy at room temperature or in the refrigerator, it may last either 1-2 weeks or up to 3 weeks, respectively. In either case, make sure to store it in an airtight container. While storing the treat in the refrigerator will prolong its shelf life, it may also lead to it becoming slightly chewier as the lower temperature may cause the mini marshmallows to begin dissolving.
How long does rocky road take to set?
Rocky road candy bars made with well-tempered chocolate should set in about 10-20 minutes if transferred to a refrigerator. If you are fighting the clock, you can also set them in the freezer in about half the time. Whether you let the chocolate harden in the refrigerator or freezer, cover it to protect it from moisture, which may alter its taste and texture and prevent it from setting properly.
What can you put in rocky road?
As there is no one ultimate rocky road flavour, there are almost no limitations to what you can use as ingredients for it as long as it does not need to be baked. As such, you can make this delightful treat with your favourite kind of chocolate, different nuts, soft or hard candy, biscuits of any variety, all sorts of marshmallows, and even dried fruit like raisins. Try different combinations to discover what makes up the best rocky road recipe for you!


Dark chocolate (about 55% cocoa)
400 g
Raw marzipan in small cubes
150 g
Almonds, sugar-roasted almonds, or sugared almonds (also sold as dragée and Jordan almonds)
50 g
Mini marshmallows
50 g
Coarsely chopped, unsalted, green pistachios
25 g
Mixed candy like chocolate buttons with sprinkles, peppermint confections, or crushed boiled sweets
100 g

Rocky road with marshmallows and crunch

It is with good reason that this treat with nuts and marshmallows has come to be considered a classic confection by many people. These no-bake bars with their many different flavours and textures are great as a dessert, a sweet treat in the afternoon, or a wonderful edible gift when visiting friends and family. They are simple to prepare, and you can easily bring younger family members into the kitchen to help out and learn.

Delicious dark chocolate rocky road

With the sweetness from delicious ingredients like marzipan, mini marshmallows, and candy, decadent dark chocolate is just the thing. The bittersweet and complex flavour of good chocolate with a high cocoa content beautifully complements these rocky road candy bars and ensures a well-balanced confection that is sweet without becoming saccharine.

In case you are on the lookout for more chocolate-flavoured confections that do not require you to bake, we recommend having a look at our recipe for rum cake balls as well.

Enjoy both soft and crunchy textures

The combination of different textures is what makes this confection so special. Encased in and sprinkled on top of the dark chocolate, you have soft marzipan, chewy mini marshmallows, crunchy almonds, and candy with textures that are sure to add a bit of a bite as well. When you have fillings with crunchy and soft textures like these paired with well-tempered chocolate that will give the perfect snapping sound, there is never a dull moment when eating a rocky road chocolate bar.

Experiment with ingredients

It is simple and fun to make our easy rocky road recipe your own. Simply play around with the ingredients. You could, for instance, make homemade marzipan and mini marshmallows with our recipe for marshmallows, allowing you to control the flavour very much yourself. You can also change up the chocolate and make a milk chocolate or white chocolate rocky road candy bar, add flavourings like salted caramel or French vanilla, add peanut butter, or even try your hand at a seasonal version.

Christmas rocky road

For a rocky road candy bar sure to bring Christmas cheer, try mixing your chocolate of choice with almonds, marzipan, pieces of spiced gingerbread or zingy ginger biscuit, crushed candy canes for peppermint flavour, as well as popcorn, cherry marshmallows, and dried cranberry for chewy textures as well as beautiful pops of colour. This combination of well-loved holiday flavours is sure to win even any possible Grinches and Scrooges over!

Easter rocky road

For a tasty spring treat, you might like to try an Easter rocky road variation with a combination of, for example, colourful easter eggs, digestives or tea biscuits, walnuts and hazelnuts, poppy seeds, and citrus-flavoured marshmallows with lemon zest for a bit of brightness and acidity. The result is a light Easter egg rocky road dessert that will delight adults as well as children with its sweet and fresh flavours as well as happy colours, perfect for the Easter table.