Apple tart

Apple tart

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You can never go wrong with a classic French apple tart. We have an easy and delicious apple tart with a sour cream filling, which can be enjoyed as a dessert or with your afternoon coffee. With this time-efficient tart, you can prepare the filling and apple slices while the crust for the tart is pre-baking. The apple tart is juicy, tasty, and contrary to belief, it is easy to create such a beautiful circular pattern or make an impressive apple rose tart.


Apple tart crust
  • Preheat the oven to 200°C (regular oven).
  • Stir butter and sugar until fluffy. Add the egg.
  • Mix flour and baking powder and stir into the egg mixture.
  • Put the dough in a greased loose-bottomed spring form or tart mould (approx. 24 cm in diameter). Pre-bake the tart crust at the bottom of the oven for about 10 minutes.
  • Beat eggs and sugar until light and fluffy, and then carefully fold in the creme fraiche.
  • Pour the mixture onto the pre-baked tart crust and distribute the apple boats on top, for example, in a circle or in a rose shape.
  • Finish baking the apple tart at the bottom of the oven for about 30-35 minutes at 200°C.
  • Allow the cake to cool and decorate with icing sugar before serving.

Roll the pastry for the apple tart between two sheets of baking paper. This will make it easier to transfer it to a spring form or tart mould and you do not risk the pastry sticking to the kitchen counter when rolling it out. If you use flour to roll out the pastry, use it sporadically because it can produce a hard crust when you use too much. The pastry should have a soft and crumbly texture when it is baked. You can use pastry leftovers to decorate the edges of the tart. The easiest way to get thin apple slices is with a mandolin; the slices will be even, and you minimise the risk of cutting your fingers.

Questions about apple tart

A delicious and elegant dessert that is dressed to impress with its beautiful arrangement of apple slices on top. We have provided you with some helpful information and facts so you can succeed with a rustic apple tart. Read below to learn more!

What is an apple tart?
An apple tart is a pastry with a crust containing a sweet apple filling. The tart is not covered with a pastry on top, as is the case with a pie. The tart only has a bottom crust which is usually thicker than a pie crust and is traditionally made from pastry dough containing flour, butter, sugar, and water. We have added baking powder and egg to our pastry to make it more pliable and easier to roll out. The apple tart is made to look elegant and extravagant with a beautiful arrangement of apples in a tight concentric circle.
How to make an apple tart?
Prepare the apple tart crust by mixing all the ingredients and kneading the dough before fitting it into a loose-bottomed spring form or tart mould and pre-baking the tart crust. Make the filling and pour it into the tart crust. Arrange thin apple boats on top in a circle and finish baking the apple tart for about 30-35 minutes until the apples are golden. Once the tart has cooled, dust it with icing sugar before serving.
How to make pastry for apple tart?
The pastry for our apple tart is made from butter, sugar, wheat flour, baking powder and egg. Once the ingredients are mixed together, put the dough in a greased spring form or tart mould. Pre-bake the tart crust at the bottom of the oven for about 10 minutes.
How long to cook an apple tart?
Bake the apple tart with its filling on the bottom rack of the oven for about 30-35 minutes at 200°C. When the apples are soft and slightly golden with crispy edges, the tart is done, and you can remove it from the oven. It is very important to check on the tart when it is baking to ensure that the apple tart is not overbaked, or the edges of the apples have turned black.
Can you freeze an apple tart?
On the off chance that you have any leftovers, you can freeze the tart and enjoy it later. The apple tart should be completely cool before freezing it. Freeze individual slices wrapped in cling film and foil or leave the tart in the mould and wrap it tightly using foil or cling film. To protect the tart from freezer burn, place it in sealable freezer bags. When you fancy a slice, let it defrost in the fridge overnight and reheat it the next day.
How to make the rose on an apple rose tart?
The rose on the apple tart is the apple of our eye. It may look complicated, but it is actually not that difficult to achieve the rose design. To make an apple rose tart, cut thin slices of apples with a knife or mandolin, and place the slices with the peel facing up in a concentric circle so that they overlap. Start with the outer edge and work your way to the centre of the tart. You can soak the apple slices in lemon juice to make them more pliable, making it easier to curve the slices. Another method is to make mini roses by peeling whole apples without breaking the peel and rolling them up into a rose. Place the roses snugly next to each other on top of the tart until the entire tart is covered in roses.


Apple tart crust
150 g
Sugar (approx. 1½ dl)
125 g
Wheat flour (approx. 3 dl)
175 g
Baking powder
2 tsp
Sugar (approx. 1 dl)
85 g
Sour cream, 18%
2 dl
Firm apples sliced into thin boats
Icing sugar

Easy rustic apple tart

Who said tarts had to be complicated? Not with our easy recipe for apple tart. The crust is made with a pastry containing butter, sugar, egg, flour, and baking powder. As a result, it is sweet and crumbly with a firm, almost cookie-like texture. To balance this sweetness, the tart is filled with a sour cream filling and decorated with firm apple slices. For the crowning touch, the tart is dusted with icing sugar.

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Make an artistic apple rose tart

This easy French apple tart is not only an example of a lovely and delicious dessert but also a case of artistic creativity. Whether you place apple slices neatly overlapping in a concentric circle to make an apple rose tart or placing them in another pattern, it will pay off in both taste and beauty. It is a dessert that truly blossoms with each bite.

Choose the right apples

As apples are the star of the show, it is essential to choose the right ones. But you do not have to limit yourself to one kind. Using different apple varieties will only add to the flavour. Tart apples like, for example, Granny Smith or Cortland apples, are ideal for baking tarts because they have a texture that stays firm during baking and can hold their shape. The sour flavour of the apples also perfectly balances the sweet ingredients in the tart.

Delicious sour cream filling

The apples are gently pressed into a smooth, creamy filling made from sour cream, eggs, and sugar. But do not let the simple filling fool you; this tart is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Not only does the filling bring taste to the table, but it also adds a lovely light texture to the firm crust and apples. Our easy apple tart combines sweet and tart aromas as well as crunchy and velvety soft textures making it almost impossible not to love this classic dessert.

Experiment with warm spices

Give the tart a bit of a kick by adding cinnamon and walnuts to the mix. Follow our apple tart recipe and add ground walnuts to the pastry. This will give the crust some extra crispiness along with a sweet, nutty aroma. Toss thinly sliced apples into a bowl with cinnamon, brown sugar, and freshly squeezed lemon juice and mix well. You can also add nutmeg and clove to the cinnamon for an extra autumn-like feel. Arrange the apples on top of the filling and bake the tart in the oven.

For added sweetness, remove the tart from the oven after 20-25 minutes of baking and brush it with maple syrup. Bake the tart for an additional 10-15 minutes.