Top 7 toast recipes

Top 7 toast recipes

Toast can be enjoyed in many ways. They can be part of a big breakfast table or make a fully-fledged lunch with exciting ingredients. A classic toast also makes a good afternoon snack, and if you fill it with, for example, chocolate and banana, it can make for a satisfying dessert. In this article, we bring the best of the best: 7 recipes that have treated people around the world to fantastic meals again and again. In addition, we have also gathered five popular sandwich recipes, so you have plenty of inspiration for your cooking.

Revive stale bread with one of our delicious recipes for toast

One of the most popular ways to revive leftover bread is by turning it into a delicious toast. The possibilities are abundant, and below, we present some different options to help you find exactly what you are looking for. You can also read our guide to store bread to find out how you keep it fresh for longer.

1. Mushroom toast

Put your leftover bread to good use by making our delicious mushroom toast with bacon and cream cheese. The crispy sourdough bread perfectly complements the savoury mushrooms, while the cream cheese slowly envelops your taste buds. The bacon adds a salty touch that lifts the toast to another level. Give your breakfast or lunch a boost by making this simple mushroom toast.

2. Pizza toast

We have combined two favourites in this tasty and convenient pizza toast. It brings together the best of both worlds with its enticing pizza ingredients and the crusty nature of the toast. If you are looking for an easy-to-make recipe for busy weeknight dinners, go for the pizza toast. It is cheesy and flavourful like traditional pizza but made in a fraction of the time and preferably with leftover bread – a real game changer.

3. French toast

Find comfort in the great flavours of a classic French toast . The toast is coated in a mixture of eggs, cardamom seeds, salt, and sugar to give the bread a sweet and warm flavour that turns to perfection when toasted. The sugar will caramelise, transforming the bread into crispy goodness, while the inside remains pillow-like and fluffy. Add cheese for a creamy touch, and finish with fresh blueberries and crushed hazelnuts.

4. Stale bread avocado toast with paprika

In our easy stale bread avocado toast with paprika, the creamy is combined with the crunchy for a spectacular eating experience. When the stale bread is toasted to golden-brown perfection, you spread the soft white cheese and avocado on top for maximum texture contrast. The result is a toast full of rich and exciting flavours that can be cooked for breakfast or lunch with few ingredients and in a short time.

5. Toast Hawaii

Are you looking for a tropical touch in the shape of a toast? Then go for our delicious toast Hawaii that takes all the well-known flavours from the Hawaii pizza and delivers it easily and straightforward on a toast. This signature toast boasts the perfect combination of slightly caramelised pineapple, tenderly cooked ham, and the savoury richness of melted cheese. Every bite is one of creamy delight and toasty crispness, fitting for a savoury lunch as well as a satisfying afternoon snack.

6. Toast with ham and cheese

Sometimes, simple is perfect – and we believe that is the case with the classic toast with ham and cheese. Few ingredients seem like a better fit than crispy bread, melted cheese, and savoury ham. Serve this toast if you want a quick and easy fix to your cravings without sacrificing flavour.

7. Banana toast with nut butter

For a more indulgent touch, try a sweet and tasty banana toast with nut butter. Bananas add a natural sweetness perfectly juggled by crunchy salted peanuts and smooth cream cheese. Creamy and smooth, crispy and crunchy. Every bite contains sweet, nutty, and salty flavours that are easily enjoyed as an afternoon snack or a surprising dessert.

Banana toast with nut butter

Banana toast with nut butter

Sandwiches serve as great options for breakfast or lunch but can also satiate your late-afternoon cravings. Below, we take you through some of the classics and recipes you have yet to discover. No matter what, you are in for a treat. And remember, these recipes are great for using up any leftover bread you may have.

1. Tuna melt sandwich

Enjoy a tuna melt sandwich filled to the brim with cheesy delight. Held in high esteem in many American homes, this warm sandwich combines butter-fried crunchy bread and melted cheddar cheese to make every bite enjoyable. A spicy jalapeño cream cheese works wonderfully with the cheddar and the savoury tuna.

Tuna melt sandwich

Tuna melt sandwich

2. Avocado sandwich with cream cheese and tomato

Slice a few pieces from your leftover rye sourdough bread and indulge in a delicious avocado sandwich with cream cheese and tomato. This colourful sandwich is made with a delicious layer of rocket and pesto-flavoured cream cheese that brings a fresh, tangy flavour to the richness of the avocado. Prepare and assemble the sandwich for lunchtime at work, or sit down for a quick meal at home and enjoy true deliciousness in a sandwich.

3. Mushroom sandwich

Treat yourself to a magnificent mushroom sandwich, or invite a couple of friends over for a delicious lunch. A simple crème fraiche dressing brings a tangy touch to the sandwich and harmonises with a spicy jalapeño-flavoured cheese. Mushrooms provide a savoury base and a chewy texture that fits perfectly with crunchy bread.

Mushroom sandwich

Mushroom sandwich

4. Panini with ham and cheese

Make a panini with ham and cheese if you want classic flavours with perfect crispness. Thanks to the panini maker, the traditional ham and cheese sandwich just reached a new level. It presses the bread, turning it perfectly crispy, while the flavours of ham, cheese, and greens mix in the heat. A combination of cream cheese and fresh mozzarella makes for a creamy and indulgent panini, perfectly balanced by pesto, tomatoes, and rocket salad.

5. Croque madame

A classic croque madame offers the perfect combination of ham, cheese, and fried egg in one delicious sandwich. Spread a creamy, tangy layer of goodness on the bread, decorate with slices of savoury ham and fresh tomato, and throw it in the oven. Finish with a layer of salad and a fried egg on top.

Other ways to use leftover bread

Taking your stale bread and incorporating it into incredible toasts and sandwiches is just one of many ways to use leftover bread. If you want to broaden your horizons, explore our most popular leftover bread recipes. Here, we present tasty bread-based dishes such as stuffed bread, bread dumplings, and bread pudding. You can also discover your new favourite Italian snack with our top five Bruschetta recipes or elevate your salads and soups with one of the best recipes with croutons.