Mushroom toast

Mushroom toast

15 min
Start the day right or serve a proper lunch with our mushroom toast with bacon and cream cheese. Served on crispy, butter-toasted sourdough bread with a sprinkle of oniony chives on top, you get all the flavours and textures you could dream of.


  • Place bacon in a cold pan and fry for about 2 minutes over high heat.
  • Reduce to medium heat, add shallot, and continue frying until the bacon is golden and crisp. Let it drain on a sheet of kitchen paper.
  • Add half of the butter to the pan and fry bread slices at medium heat for about 1 minute on each side. Remove from the heat.
  • Add remaining butter to the pan and sauté mushrooms at high heat, stirring constantly, for about 2 minutes. Stir the bacon and shallot mixture into the mushrooms.
  • Spread the bread with cream cheese and top with mushroom and bacon mixture.
  • Sprinkle with chives and serve immediately.

If you have stale bread starting to lose its deliciousness, it can easily be revived in this mushroom toast. When fried in butter, all the rich flavours are enhanced, and almost any type of stale bread will make a delicious base for the mushroom and bacon filling, so do not let good bread go to waste.


The secret to the perfect mushroom toast lies in sautéing the mushrooms to perfection. Ensure your pan is sizzling hot before adding the mushrooms, as the high heat helps the water evaporate quickly as it is released from the mushrooms. As you stir, you will notice that the water releases, and this is your cue to keep them moving until these juices evaporate, leaving the mushrooms golden brown and intensely flavourful.


Bacon cubes
50 g
Small shallot, finely chopped
25 g
Sourdough bread
2 slices
Mushrooms, i.e. button mushrooms and chanterelles, cut into small pieces
200 g
Cream cheese
100 g
Chives, finely cut
1 tbsp

Easy mushroom toast with bacon and cream cheese

Our classic cream cheese and mushroom toast with bacon burst with flavours and textures. The luscious cream cheese meets the earthy depth of mushrooms, all balanced by the crisp, smoky bacon notes. These rich toppings meld seamlessly with the golden toasted sourdough bread, offering a symphony of textures from creamy to crispy. The cream cheese spread blends the flavours, softening the robustness of the salty bacon and elevating the subtle flavour from the mushrooms and shallots, giving you an irresistible, flavourful toast.

Savoury and umami flavours on crispy sourdough bread

The savoury umami of mushrooms and bacon beautifully balances the crisp, tangy backdrop of sourdough bread. The shallots contribute a mild, sweet undertone that rounds out the bacon and mushrooms. This careful blend of ingredients ensures a mouthwatering play of flavours − salty richness from bacon, earthy umami from mushrooms, and subtle sharpness from sourdough.

The crisp exterior and soft interior of the butter-toasted sourdough bread balance each savoury note with its inherent tanginess and add a satisfying crunch to the smooth, creamy mushroom and bacon mixture.

Try our mushroom sandwich with melted cheese for a different take on mushroom dishes, or go all out on cheese with our stuffed garlic cheese bread or pepperoni pizza toast.

Choose between different mushrooms

You can incorporate a variety of mushrooms to add more umami, depth, and complexity to your mushroom toast. Use button mushrooms for a mild flavour, cremini mushrooms, which are a variant of the button mushroom but have a slightly darker colour and fuller flavour, portobello mushrooms for a sumptuous, meaty texture and a rich flavour, or chanterelles with a characteristic fruity, peppery flavour. Depending on which mushroom you choose, you can explore different flavourful and textural nuances, and you can also use a mix of different types for a more complex experience.

Enjoy the mushroom toast for breakfast or lunch

It is perfect for both slow and busy mornings, as the toast is easy to make but feels like an indulgent treat. For breakfast, you start the day right with a classic cream cheese toast taken to the next level with freshly sautéed mushrooms and bacon, making for the perfect combination in the morning.

The same goes for lunch, where you can easily make this at home for a quick lunch for yourself or lunch guests or enjoy it cold, bringing the prepped ingredients to work in separate containers. For a decedent lunch, serve it with mixed green salad leaves or fresh vegetables and a fresh balsamic vinegar dressing or balsamic glaze to balance the rich, indulgent mushroom toast.

Experiment with the recipe

Keep the basics of your mushroom toast, but transform it into a mushroom melt. Mix your sautéed mushrooms with melted cheese and serve on bread. You can use any type of cheese that melts well, such as mozzarella, Swiss cheese, cheddar, or provolone, and you can add additional ingredients, such as caramelised onions or spinach.

You can also make creamy mushrooms to put on the toast. Spread a bit of the cream cheese onto the toast and use the rest for the pan. After sautéing the mushrooms on the pan, add the remaining cream cheese and a splash of milk if needed.

Incorporate, for example, fresh thyme, rosemary, or tarragon into the mushrooms as they cook. Herbs can add a fragrant depth to the mushrooms and enhance their natural flavours. For garlic enthusiasts, add minced garlic to create a delightful garlic mushroom toast.

Taking the dish to another level, consider topping it with a poached or fried egg. The rich, creamy egg texture pairs well with the savoury mushrooms, the salty bacon, and the crunchy bread, giving you a balanced, deep, and rich flavour from the runny yolk.