Banana toast with nut butter

Banana toast with nut butter

20 min
Bless your brunch, breakfast, or afternoon meal with a delicious banana toast with nut butter. This easy-to-make recipe is popular worldwide, mixing sweetness with a salty, tangy, and creamy touch to create a sweet sandwich that hugs your palate. The banana toast with nut butter makes for a delectable treat or dessert.


  • Slice banana and chop nuts.
  • Spread cream cheese on four slices of bread and place banana and nuts on top.
  • Spread remaining bread slices with nut butter and make four double sandwiches.
  • Fry in butter for 3-4 minutes on each side over medium heat until hot and crispy. Cut into triangles and serve.

Use leftover bread for the toast to add to the flavour and consistency. Stale bread tends to stay in shape and soak up ingredients very well, making it a prime candidate for banana and nut butter toast. The inside will absorb all the lovely flavours from the cream cheese and nut butter, while the exterior turns golden brown as you fry the toast in butter.


Choose bananas that are ripe but not overly soft. That way, you will find the right balance of flavour and texture to fit perfectly with the crunchy bread and creamy spreads.


Salted peanuts
50 ml
Cream cheese
75 g
Sandwich bread
8 slices
Nut butter
150 ml
Butter for frying
25 g

Make a crispy fried banana toast with nut butter

Do you need a quick, easy-to-make afternoon snack to lift your mood? Look no further than this crispy fried banana toast with nut butter. Banana, peanuts, cream cheese, and nut butter – a combination of ingredients that sparks pure joy. Each ingredient brings a unique flavour, from salty to sweet, creating a symphony of delectable notes and aromas.

Enjoy the taste of sweet bananas and crunchy salted peanuts

Everyone should be able to enjoy the taste of sweet bananas and crunchy salted peanuts. With each bite, the sweetness from the bananas blends with the savoury crunch of salted nuts, creating a beautiful contrast in flavour and texture. The nutty undertones from the peanuts provide additional depth to an already flavourful toast. The butter-fried bread provides richness and a satisfying crunch. Go ahead and enjoy mouthful after mouthful of sweet and savoury flavours while you sink your teeth into a toast full of creamy and crunchy textures.

Rich and smooth layers of cream cheese and nut butter

Central to the popularity of the toast with banana is its rich and smooth layers of cream cheese and nut butter. Together, they make up a medley of luxuriously rich and smooth layers that coat the bread with sweet, tangy, and nutty delights. Cream cheese plays an integral part in terms of its velvety-smooth texture and slightly bright flavour. The layer of cheese provides a fresh tang that complements the rich, nutty notes and the sweet bananas. Accompanied by a layer of nut butter, you are in for a creamy and satisfying crunchy toast.

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Experiment with different ingredients

Introducing Nutella or other nut or chocolate spreads to your toast will provide a rich chocolate flavour that complements the nut butter very well. The spread adds a decadent sweetness, taking it into slightly more indulgent territory.

Go fully American by opting for peanut butter as a spread for your toast with banana. It boasts savoury flavours and a creamy texture, adding additional depth. Some types of peanut butter have small, crunchy peanut pieces that add a new dimension to the eating experience.

For extra nutty sweetness, you can incorporate almond butter. It will introduce a subtle nuttiness and a delicate sweetness.

Drizzle a bit of liquid honey to inject a natural, floral sweetness to the toast. It makes for an indulgent snack full of strong but complementary flavours like sweet honey and banana opposite the rich nutty notes.