Our most popular leftover bread recipes

Our most popular leftover bread recipes

Day-old bread is often stale and perhaps not very exciting, but with a selection of leftover bread recipes, you can easily bring it back to life and create mouthwatering dishes using leftover bread. Leftover bread is often used for croutons but can be used for anything from breakfast and lunch to snacks and desserts. This article presents some of our most popular recipes with leftover bread.

Savoury recipes using leftover bread

In this section, we go through a selection of savoury recipes that put leftover bread to good use. We present main courses, side dishes, and toasts for lunch or afternoon snacking. We also introduce croutons and breadcrumbs that can be used in various ways. To complete the list, we give you a few dessert recipes with leftover bread.

Cauliflower gratin

Explore the delicious use of leftover bread with this cheesy cauliflower gratin. Cauliflower is the main ingredient in this gratin, and a creamy base of grated cheese and cooking cream supports it. Anchovies bring a salty umami richness, injecting the gratin with irresistible depth. The dish is topped with a rosemary bread crumb mixture to create a crunchy and flavourful top layer.

Cauliflower gratin

Cauliflower gratin

Stuffed bread

Bring life back to dry bread by filling it with a bunch of deliciousness. Stuffed bread is an easy-to-make treat that works well as a snack on its own or as a side dish to a larger meal. By cutting bread rolls in a crisscross pattern, you can fill them with a butter mixture made from the savoury combination of cheese, garlic, rosemary, and butter. It is a match made in heaven, turning a few simple ingredients into a masterpiece of flavours. To top it off, the presentation is a sight to behold with its pleasing pattern.

Pizza toast

If you need a delicious snack or a simple lunch, try our quick and easy recipe for tasty pizza toast. The pizza toast has all the flavours we know from a regular pizza: tasty tomato sauce, savoury pepperoni, and melted cheese. Baked in the oven and decorated with fresh basil, this pizza toast can quickly become a go-to on busy days.

Bread dumplings

Another incredible way to put your stale bread to good use is by making bread dumplings. These little bread-based delights can accompany close to any meal with sauce or gravy thanks to how they soak all the liquid goodness. They are known for their pillow-soft interior, made from bread soaked in milk and eggs. They also boast the perfect mix of sweet and savoury flavours from caramelised onions with a hint of parsley. Serve bread dumplings with, for example, a roast or a goulash.

The best recipes with croutons

One of the most popular uses for day-old bread is croutons. They are best made from stale and dry bread, as it soaks up liquid and browns beautifully when baked or fried. Croutons can be used in a wide array of delicious dishes, and you can change their flavour by adding seasoning. To get to know more, read our article on the best recipes with croutons. Here, we explore everything from soups and salads to all the different herbs and spices you can use to turn your leftover bread into perfect croutons.

Top 5 bruschetta recipes

With our top 5 bruschetta recipes, no time is the wrong time to transform your leftover bread into easy snacks and enjoy some of the best bruschetta in the comfort of your home. In this list of the best bruschetta recipes, we bring you a selection of tasty, easy-to-make antipasti perfectly served as a snack or an appetiser before a larger meal. They can also serve as a side to, for example, roasted chicken or grilled vegetables.

Top 3 recipes with breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are an incredibly versatile ingredient that can add an extra touch of taste and texture to a wide selection of dishes. Not only are breadcrumbs versatile, but they are also perfect if you have stale bread you do not know how to use. We have selected three recipes with breadcrumbs to show what directions you can go. This includes adding breadcrumbs to minced meat to add moisture to, for example, meatloaf and bread dumplings and using breadcrumbs to gratinate oven dishes. We also give you an example of a dessert using breadcrumbs.

Top 7 toast recipes

Toast is a simple food that can be varied in any possible way you can think of. We have collected seven of the best toast recipes to inspire your next toast adventure. The list includes everything from classic toast with ham and cheese to more complex versions with mushroom and cream cheese. We have also added a dessert toast with banana and nut butter.

Leftover bread dessert recipes

Side dishes, snacks, and toppings are all wonderful ways to use day-old bread, but sometimes, we have a sweet tooth that needs to be tended to. Therefore, we have gathered three of the best dessert recipes using leftover bread.

Bread pudding with banana and chocolate

Whip up a bread pudding with banana and chocolate for your friends and family. This recipe is a hit with children and adults alike thanks to its delicious texture and many nuances of sweetness. Ripe bananas are coupled with dark chocolate for a classic, sweet flavour combination that perfectly fits the bread pudding. With our easy-to-make recipe, you are in for a hassle-free and tasty treat made with a base of leftover bread.

Bread pudding with banana

Bread pudding with banana

Rye bread cake

Go big with a rye bread cake, ideally suited for large social gatherings and birthday parties—or just an indulgent dessert for the weekend. Either way, this traditional Danish cake boasts an incredible flavour that leaves you wanting more. You will have to search hard to find a greater purpose for your leftover rye bread than this recipe, assembled with layers of blackcurrant jam and whipped cream. The combination of fruity brightness, rich sweetness, and slight bitterness from dark chocolate makes for a delectable dessert tailor-made for your next dinner party.

Bread pudding

Try a bit of tradition with a bread pudding that simply slips into the oven. The classic German treat combines a heap of tasty ingredients that mix and melt in the oven to create a dessert that is the very definition of comfort food. Sweet apples are paired with cardamom and cinnamon for classic warm flavours, while bread, cooking cream, and milk bring a distinct sweetness. Serve with vanilla-flavoured crème fraiche.

Revive stale bread and put your leftovers to use

No bread should be thrown in the bin, so we have made it our mission to give your bread a second life. There are plenty of ingenious ways to revive stale bread, which you can read more about in our article on what to do with stale bread . But before the bread turns stale, there are several neat tips and tricks that can help prolong its life span. Do you use paper bags? Plastic bags? Or bread boxes? Different types of bread are best stored in different ways. Some are better kept at room temperature, while others can benefit from the coolness of the fridge. Read more about how to store bread.