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Our Farms

We are the first dairy company in the UK to include the operations of our supplying farmers in our environment strategy, recognising that up to 80 per cent of our total supply chain emissions are generated at farm level.

To address this key area, we launched an industry-leading programme of on-farm support for our farmers. On-farm practical workshops have been held all over the country to guide farmers through the key areas that influence carbon outputs.

Speakers at the workshops are leaders in their field and are helping farmers understand the opportunities available to be more efficient, while also reducing carbon. Arla believes that the initial project had the potential to reduce carbon emissions at farm level by up to 20 per cent over time although we won’t be setting targets for members’ businesses.

We think this is a huge opportunity for members to get involved because not only is it good for the environment, it makes good business sense through the scope it offers to reduce on-farm costs. Following the initial project, and in line with Arla's global strategy, a sustainable dairy farming programme of events is in the process of being rolled out.

Our Responsibility


We want to source milk and other agricultural material which have been farmed in a sustainable manner

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