Arla Protein workouts

Arla Protein workouts


Ready, sweat, go!

Here’s to you, healthy heroes. It’s no easy feat saying no to the snooze button and braving the grey outdoors for a trip to the gym or squeezing in a 5k after the 9-5. And yet you do.


Up to the challenge?

Push yourself to the limit, without leaving your living room. We've created a relentless workout program to match your relentless drive. Get stuck in and see how strong you really are.

Up to the challenge?


Join us on our 20 for 20 journey and swap your usual breakfast for an Arla Protein yogurt every morning for 20 days, and take on a new workout challenge each day.

We’re taking it one day at a time, with each workout getting a bit harder than the last so at the end of the 20 days you can look back and see exactly how far you’ve come. We’ll also have our resident coach and a team of fitness enthusiasts and icons to provide plenty of motivation and support.

Day one video


We've teamed up with Louis Rennocks to bring you our brand new challenge... #FeedYourDrive! This challenge is a series of home workouts, including some new exercises following our #20for20Challenge. Today's first session is Upper Body - Who's ready? No excuses allowed!

Feed Your Drive video still