Smoothie with frozen fruit

Smoothie with frozen fruit

15 min
Begin your day in the best possible way with a fresh and sweet smoothie with frozen fruit. Experience the vibrant tang of orange juice as it blends with the sweetness of blackcurrants and honey. The addition of milk and skyr makes for a smooth and light consistency that is tasty and satisfying. It is a great option for a berry boost at breakfast, lunch, or as an afternoon snack.


  • Add all the ingredients to the blender and blend at the highest speed for about 15 seconds.
  • Switch off and blend again for about 15 seconds, or until the ice is crushed.
  • Pour the smoothie into a tall, cold glass and garnish with fresh blackcurrants or an orange slice. Serve immediately.

Consider using fresh blackcurrants instead of frozen ones for a more intense flavour. Ripe ones contain more natural sugar and more juice, which makes them prime candidates for your fruit smoothie. Just note that if you replace the frozen blackcurrants in the recipe, the smoothie will lose some of its smooth, creamy texture.


Given how thick and creamy this smoothie with frozen fruit is, consider serving it in a bowl. This is called a smoothie bowl, and it is a popular way to enjoy smoothies. If you have leftover berries, you can use them to decorate the bowl and make the presentation even more appealing.


Arla Cravendale Semi-skimmed milk
150 ml
Arla® Skyr natural
50 ml
Ice cubes
Frozen blackcurrants
50 g
2 tbsp
Orange juice
50 ml

Enjoy a thick and refreshing smoothie with frozen fruit

Made with just a few ingredients and ready in minutes, this invigorating smoothie with frozen fruit offers a speedy and simple way to add a burst of flavour to your day. It is a delightful fusion of taste and texture, packed with frozen blackcurrants and ice cubes that help give the drink its cool touch. Looking to quench your thirst or cool off on a hot summer day? This is a go-to recipe for making a great smoothie with frozen fruit and fresh flavours.

Sweet orange juice and honey

Mixing sweet orange juice and honey is a match made in heaven. With its citrusy flavour and zesty freshness, the orange juice infuses the smoothie with a vibrant taste. Then comes sweet honey to balance the zesty flavour and round out the overall taste. Honey has slightly floral undertones that complement the fruity sweetness of the orange. Together, they give the smoothie with frozen fruit a wide flavour profile, ranging from sweet and tangy to fresh. This makes every single sip a delightful taste sensation.

Creaminess from frozen berries, milk, and skyr

Along with milk and skyr, the frozen berries provide the smoothie with its creamy texture. Frozen blackcurrants not only provide a sweet, tart, and tangy flavour but also help achieve the desired smooth consistency. The milk imparts a subtle touch of sweetness, while skyr contributes its distinct tangy taste, bringing all the flavours together.

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Experiment with other fruits and berries

Embrace your creativity by experimenting with different fruits and berries. Try substituting orange juice with apple juice. The apple juice imbues the drink with a sweeter and milder flavour compared to the orange juice. The juice is still refreshing with fruity notes and pairs well with the sweet and tangy flavours from honey, milk, and skyr.

Blackcurrants are important if you are looking for a sweet, tart, and tangy drink full of fresh flavours. For a similar yet slightly sweeter option, opt for frozen strawberries, known for their berry sweetness that can make any beverage better. Our fruit smoothie with frozen berries gives you a lot of choices, so you can switch between blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries depending on your preferences.