Blueberry raspberry smoothie

Blueberry raspberry smoothie

10 min
Creamy and delicious, this smoothie recipe with raspberries and blueberries will impress you, your taste buds, and anyone you share it with. Layer it with granola in a glass and let every spoonful be an indulgent flavour experience. Enjoy it with the whole family for a wholesome breakfast, or whip one up as a refreshing snack in the afternoon.


  • Mix all the ingredients, except for the granola, in a blender.
  • Layer granola and smoothie in two glasses and serve immediately.

Consider swapping fresh ingredients for frozen ones. A frozen banana or frozen berries will alter the texture of the smoothie, making it a velvety-smooth drink. The ice crystals in the frozen ingredients retain the liquid, allowing you to achieve that perfect creamy consistency when blended while also giving the drink an ice-cold feel.


Play around with the presentation by serving the drink as a smoothie bowl instead. Smoothie bowls have become increasingly popular, and they are not that different from regular smoothies to make. Just serve in bowls and decorate with the crunchy granola.


Vanilla yogurt
300 g
160 g
100 g
100 g

Make a delicious blueberry raspberry smoothie

Indulge in the bright flavours bursting from our irresistible blueberry and raspberry smoothie. Crafted with care, this drink combines juicy raspberries, sweet blueberries, and smooth vanilla yogurt, making it the perfect smoothie. Take a sip, then another, and then another – your taste buds will beg you for more as you take in the nuanced flavours. Being quick and easy to whip up, this recipe is the perfect choice for a quick snack or meal, be it morning, midday, or afternoon.

Sweetness from banana and vanilla yogurt

As the sweetness from the banana and the vanilla yogurt come together, you will feel the full flavour force spread around your taste buds. The combination works wonders when paired with raspberries and blueberries, giving you a natural sweetness from the banana alongside an interesting vanilla touch. The berries impart just enough tart undertones to fully develop an unforgettable flavour profile. In addition, the ingredients work together to create a pleasant, smooth consistency.

Layered with granola for a crunchy touch

The smoothie is delicious in and of itself, but when you add a layer of granola, the drink reaches new heights. Bringing in a contrasting texture makes every sip and spoonful a great adventure. The crispy granola provides a satisfying crunch and a subtle nuttiness that complements the thick, creamy texture of the raspberry blueberry smoothie. Use a wide straw or a spoon to get both smoothie and granola in every bite.

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Experiment with different berries

Raspberry and blueberry are excellent choices, but if you are in a creative mood, you can easily experiment with different berries. We always encourage you to personalise your smoothies.

For example, try a heap of different berries. Strawberries work wonderfully when you want a more intense sweetness without the more pronounced tart undertones from the blueberries. They also imbue the smoothie with a beautiful red sheen.

Blackberries will give the smoothie an enchanting, darker look while providing a subtle touch of tart and earthy flavours.