Banana and blueberry smoothie

Banana and blueberry smoothie

10 min
With a delightful combination of sweet and tangy, our banana and blueberry smoothie is a satisfying and flavoursome drink with a beautiful colour. Serve it ice-cold right after blending to anyone who loves fruits and berries, treating them to an excellent breakfast or refreshing snack.


  • Peel the banana and blend all the ingredients until smooth.
  • Pour into two glasses and serve immediately.

To get an even thicker smoothie, use frozen banana instead of fresh. Frozen fruit and berries yield a denser texture, which is incredibly delicious in a smoothie.


If you have ripe bananas and do not know what to make with them, peel and cut them into smaller pieces and freeze them. This way, you always have frozen bananas ready for a smoothie.


If you have fresh blueberries, you can also use these instead of frozen ones. In this case, we recommend adding some ice cubes to the blender to cool the smoothie and ensure the pleasant, thick texture.


Arla Cravendale Semi-skimmed milk
200 ml
100 ml
Frozen blueberries
225 g

Delicious banana blueberry smoothie

Our banana blueberry smoothie has a rich and velvety texture that is both indulgent and comforting. The banana gives you everything you need, imparting a fruity, sweet flavour and a creamy consistency. This beautifully complements the tanginess of the mild quark and the delicious berry flavour from frozen blueberries. This delicious combination of banana, blueberry, and quark results in a drink that offers a perfect balance of sweetness, creaminess, and a hint of tang for your drinkable afternoon snack, breakfast, or brunch addition.

Sweet milk and tangy quark

If you want a delicious smoothie with a well-rounded flavour, this recipe is precisely what you are looking for. With quark and milk, it combines smooth and creamy, making it easy to drink with a straw while still maintaining a thick and velvety texture. Quark is a smooth and mild soft cheese that introduces a luxurious creaminess and slight tang, enhancing the overall depth. Milk smooths the blend even more, contributing to the silky mouthfeel.

Thick and creamy texture from frozen berries

The secret to the texture is the frozen blueberries. Their ice crystals give it a thicker, slushy-like consistency when blended, and the freezing process also reduces the water content of the berries, which prevents the smoothie from becoming too watery. Combined with the creamy quark and ripe bananas, which naturally thicken the mixture, too, frozen blueberries help highlight and accentuate a rich, creamy texture, delivering a delightfully thick banana and blueberry smoothie. In addition to the texture, the frozen blueberries add a refreshing burst of sweetness and acidity, creating a well-rounded drink with a complex flavour profile.

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Add spinach for a touch of green

Consider adding spinach to your banana blueberry smoothie if you want a green touch. Spinach adds a subtle, mild, and earthy flavour that melds seamlessly with the rich sweetness of the bananas and the tangy burst of the blueberries, creating a delightful contrast. The quark and milk ensure the smoothie keeps its smooth and creamy texture as you add the greens. And for the visual effect, the vibrant green hue from the spinach gives you an even darker drink.

With or without spinach, you can add ginger to spice up the smoothie. Ginger introduces a zesty kick that perfectly complements the creamy sweetness and fruity tang. The sharp, invigorating flavour of ginger not only adds a spicy undertone but also brings a warmth that is absolutely delicious.