Rum cake balls

Rum cake balls

30 min
Homemade rum cake balls are delicious treats that can be made in a flash. Made from combining leftover cake with melted dark chocolate, raspberry jam, and rum extract, they are a great way of not letting food go to waste even if your cake or pastry has gotten dry – and they taste amazing! Use our easy cake ball recipe to turn one old cake into new, sweet, and intense chocolate rum balls to thrill the entire family. Gather everyone in the kitchen to help roll the cake balls in shredded coconut; maybe sneaking a bite now and again.


  • Crumble cake into smaller pieces.
  • Melt chocolate, for instance in a microwave or water bath.
  • Put cake and melted chocolate into a food mixer with a dough hook.
  • Add raspberry jam, cocoa, double cream, and shredded coconut and mix at medium speed until the texture is even.
  • Add rum to taste and mix well.
  • Make 20 rum cake balls from the mixture. Roll them in shredded coconut and place them, covered, in a refrigerator until serving.

Rum cake balls do not need to be made from just one type of leftover cake. You can easily combine different types of cake. You can also use leftover cake that has been frozen and defrosted. This means that you can save small amounts of leftover cakes in the freezer and accumulate enough to make rum balls over a few weeks or months. Remember that if you are using thawed leftovers, you should not freeze the rum cake balls you make.


Get the perfect moist and soft texture for which the confectionary cakes are known by adjusting the amount of jam, cream, and coconut in accordance with how dry or wet the leftovers you are using are. Remember that they will set a bit in the fridge.

Questions about rum cake balls

Turning leftover cake into another tasty treat is simple and quick with our easy rum cake ball recipe. Below, you can learn more about what a rum cake ball is and how best to store it by reading answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the delicious snack.

What is a rum cake ball?
A rum cake ball is a small, round confectionary cake made by combining leftover cake, chocolate, jam, and rum or rum extract. The cakes have a sweet, chocolaty flavour and are soft, dense, and moist. They can be made using a plethora of different leftover cakes and may be decorated to suit any occasion. This means you can make them whenever you feel like it! 
How to make cake balls?
Make rum cake balls by mixing leftover cake, chocolate, raspberry jam, shredded coconut, rum extract, and double cream in a food mixer. Roll the mixture into balls and roll them in a 'topping' like shredded coconut, cocoa, or sprinkles. Enjoy them after they have been allowed to chill in the refrigerator for a short while.
How long do cake balls stay fresh?
Rum cake balls will stay good for 5-7 days. The best way to store them is to place them in an airtight container with a piece of paper towel lining the bottom. Store them in a single layer to avoid them sticking to each other. Take them out of the refrigerator a little while before serving the rum balls, so they are bit softer.
Can you freeze cake balls?
Freezing rum cake balls is no problem – so long as the cake from which they were made was not previously frozen. Place the cake balls you could not finish or the ones you have prepared in advance in an airtight container, separating the layers. You can choose to freeze either the mixed batter or the rolled-out balls. Rolling them in shredded coconut before freezing is completely fine, but if you want to roll them in sprinkles, wait until they have thawed in the refrigerator. In a freezer, the rum balls will keep for approx. 2 months. 


Rum cake balls:
Cake leftover, for instance, chocolate cake, roulade, or Danish
600 g
Dark chocolate (about 55 % cocoa)
250 g
Raspberries jam
100 ml
Cocoa powder
2 tbsp
Double cream
50 ml
Shredded coconuts
150 g
Dark rum or rum extract
3 tbsp
Shredded coconuts

Easy rum cake balls with sprinkles

Making yourself a tasty, chocolaty rum treat from scratch is easy with our cake ball recipe since no baking is required! Make them by simply 'rehydrating' and adding flavour as well as texture to leftover cake by mixing it with melted chocolate, raspberry jam, and rum in a food mixer.

But this is not the only way to add flavour. Roll the rum cake balls in shredded coconut to get a sweet and nutty flavour on top of the deep and intense flavour and to give it a tasty, irresistible look. Rolling it in some kind of 'topping' adds both texture, flavour, and colour and can actually make them easier to eat as they can be quite sticky without it.

Make rum balls from leftover cake

Rum cake balls can be made from leftovers from a wide range of different cakes all the way from a pound cake or marble cake to carrot cake. The most classic choices for rum balls are probably darker ones like chocolate cake or a gooey brownie, but if you would like to introduce a hint of fruitiness into our recipe for cake balls that will pair well with the rum flavouring, you could even try using leftovers from banana cake. In general, it is better to go for regular baked cakes as cakes with mousses, whipped cream, or the like can make the mixture a bit too wet to roll into cake balls.

Added flavour with rum or rum extract

Add dark rum or rum extract to the mixture to give the rum cake balls their characteristic flavour. Dark rum adds a deep, spicy flavour to the confectionary cake. This flavour and the kick of the alcohol in the rum will be quite intense since the rum balls are not baked. If you want an alcohol-free option, using rum extract will provide the taste without the kick. Experiment with how much rum or rum extract it takes to get the perfect flavour to suit you and yours.

Make it your own

Rum cake balls offer a lot of opportunities to be creative in terms of flavours and decorations. In addition to experimenting with the type of leftover cake used, you can also add different types of nuts to give the otherwise quite soft treats some bite and crunch. Use chopped walnuts, pecans, peanuts, or your favourite type of nut; maybe lightly toasted on a warm pan to bring out a deeper, nuttier flavour.

Roll in coconut, cocoa powder, or colourful sprinkles

Be creative with the ‘toppings’ you use for the rum cake balls if you want to try something else than shredded coconut. It will not only change the flavour but also the look. For example, make a romantic Valentine cake ball rolled in beautiful, freeze-dried raspberries or a cheery Easter rum ball rolled in yellow sprinkles.

Experiment with vibrant colours to make the perfect rum cake balls for Christmas or Halloween. If you happen to have cake pop sticks or sturdy straws, you can even serve your treats as cake ball pops for a different and entertaining eating experience. Or for a fun Christmas spin, try using candy canes instead!

Rolling rum balls in cocoa powder highlights the intensity of their chocolate flavour and may be the more 'adult' choice. Using colourful sprinkles will be a hit across most age groups but especially for a younger audience because of the sprinkles' crispy sweetness and the rainbowlike playfulness which makes them perfect as a birthday cake ball.