Kale and fruit smoothie

Kale and fruit smoothie

10 min
Dive into the vibrant world of our green kale and fruit smoothie, where the lush sweetness of mango meets the earthy tones of kale and spinach. This easy green smoothie combines the zesty kick of lime with the natural sweetness of honey and creamy milk. Serve it at breakfast or as a snack, enjoying its stunning layers of beautiful colours and delightful flavours.


  • Blend milk, mango, and honey into a smoothie. Pour 2/3 of the smoothie into glasses and set them aside.
  • Add spinach, kale, and lime juice to the remaining third of the smoothie and blend until smooth.
  • Top the yellow smoothie with the green smoothie. Optionally garnish with fresh pineapple.

The different ingredients require different blending times. Blend the mango, milk, and honey mixture for at least 30 seconds for a smooth texture. When adding the greens to 1/3 of the first mixture, blend until you see no more chunks or pieces, ensuring a uniformly smooth drink. This might take longer, as kale and spinach are coarser than the other ingredients, and you want a nice and creamy smoothie texture!


Feel free to substitute fresh mango for frozen if you have it. The flavour will be the same, but we suggest adding a handful of ice cubes to the blender to get the same thick and creamy texture as the frozen mango provides.


Arla Cravendale Semi-skimmed milk
400 ml
Frozen mangos
250 g
1 tbsp
Baby spinach, coarsely chopped
100 ml
Green kale
100 ml
Lime fruit, juice

Bursting green kale and fruit smoothie − easy and delicious

Green smoothies are so delicious, and our kale and fruit smoothie is no exception. With its bright green colour and luscious mix of sweet mango and greens, it has everything you are looking for in a smoothie. Perfect for breakfast, on the brunch table, or as a midday snack, it takes almost no time and is very easy to make! With sweet mango and honey, tangy lime, creamy milk, and earthy greens, you get a delicious combination of flavours that ensures you want to take another sip. It is layered first with a yellow mango and honey smoothie, then with a green smoothie to create a beautiful and flavourful layering. Swirl it around with your straw and enjoy!

Earthy and slightly bitter notes from kale and spinach

Enter the greens, the main characters of this irresistible smoothie. The kale and spinach introduce a wonderful balance of earthy and slightly bitter notes that perfectly contrast with the sweeter, fruity ingredients and the mild, slightly sweet milk. They contribute to the vibrant colour and add a depth of flavour that is both refreshing and invigorating. The natural bitterness of kale and the subtle earthiness of spinach are key to creating a complex-tasting smoothie, making each sip truly sumptuous. This combination ensures the spinach and kale smoothie has a well-rounded taste, giving you a delightful interplay of different flavour nuances.

Interested in other delicious smoothies? Try another green one like this spinach smoothie with fruits, or go all out on fruits with our mango and banana smoothie, strawberry and banana smoothie, or pineapple smoothie.

Sweet frozen mango and zesty fresh lime juice

Frozen mango and honey are what give this smoothie its delightful sweetness. Mango adds a rich, tropical taste that is both powerful and refreshing, and honey highlights this with a creamy, intense sweetness. These ingredients are the perfect counterpoint to the kale and spinach's earthy bitterness. The zesty tang of fresh lime juice cuts through the sweetness, adding a bright and refreshing citrus note that elevates the overall flavour of the smoothie. This delightful blend of sweet mango and zesty lime creates bursting flavours that tantalise the palate, making the smoothie irresistibly delicious and an ideal choice for a refreshing beverage at any time of day.

Make it your own

If you love this combination of exotic mango and greens, you will love all the ways you can experiment with it, too! Add pineapple or orange to add some acidity and fruity flavour with a zing or go with a berry twist by adding fresh or frozen blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, or raspberries. Especially darker berries will look and taste delicious in this kale smoothie, as the darker colours will deepen and look even more beautiful against the kale and spinach backdrop. For more sweetness, add a ripe banana. The banana adds to the creaminess of the smoothie while contributing a sweet and fruity flavour.

To stay with the green, add an avocado. This will enhance its creamy texture as well as add a mild, delicate flavour. It also contributes a nice green colour to highlight that of the kale and spinach. Fresh ginger adds a delightful, slightly spicy flavour to green smoothies. Simply add 1-2 cm of ginger to the blender along with the other ingredients and enjoy the kick it brings to your smoothie.