Spinach smoothie with fruit

Spinach smoothie with fruit

15 min
Our green spinach smoothie with fruit tastes wonderful for breakfast or a light, sumptuous snack. It has a beautiful bright green colour and a distinct sweetness from avocado and mango, balanced by earthy spinach and fresh ginger. Blended with milk, you get a delightfully creamy drink that is a must-try for smoothie lovers.


  • Peel, destone, and chop the avocado into pieces. Blend all the ingredients for the smoothie in a blender.
  • Pour into glasses and serve immediately.

When you are using fresh avocado in a smoothie, you want it to be perfectly ripe and soft. To determine the ripeness, gently squeeze the avocado without applying too much pressure. A ripe avocado will feel slightly soft when pressed, but it should not be mushy. If it feels very firm, it may need a few days to ripen at room temperature. You can also look at the skin. Most avocados turn dark purple and almost black when ripe, and in general, the skin should be blemish-free without deep cracks or scars. You can also gently flick off the stem at the top of the avocado.


Ripe avocado
Baby spinach
40 g
Frozen mangos
200 ml
300 ml
Fresh ginger, grated
½ tsp
Cress, possibly ½ box

Enjoy a bright green spinach fruit smoothie

Green smoothies are very popular, and we understand why! Our spinach fruit smoothie combines bright green baby spinach and avocado with sweet, tropical frozen mango. Blended with milk, you get a creamy consistency that complements the avocado and the mango. The milk enhances the natural sweetness of the fruits, allowing for a balanced taste that is neither too sweet nor too bland. Perfect for a refreshing breakfast or a midday indulgent snack, its vibrant colour and rich, smooth texture have everything you are looking for.

Sweet and thick mango with mild and creamy avocado

A thick and creamy smoothie is what most people are looking for in a refreshing breakfast or snack. And because of the frozen mango and ripe avocado, this is exactly what you get! Both fruits are deliciously sweet, with mango boasting tropical notes and avocado yielding a mild, rich flavour. The combination of avocado’s meaty texture with the frozen benefits of mango results in a deliciously thick smoothie.

Try another green smoothie with spinach and mango with our kale and fruit smoothie, or explore mango's tropical notes in a sweet banana and mango smoothie.

Gentle spiciness from ginger

The sweet avocado and mango need a balance, and this is where ginger comes in. It has a slight spiciness that introduces a warm, aromatic complexity to cut through the richness of the avocado and mango. Spinach's naturally earthy and slightly bitter taste gets a zesty kick from ginger, creating a more balanced spinach and fruit smoothie without compromising on the taste. Ginger enhances the flavour and bridges the creamy and earthy elements, ensuring every sip is as intriguing as it is delicious. So, experience how easily fresh ginger can transform your smoothie into a refreshing delight with a kick. It is perfect for those seeking a harmonious drink with different flavour notes.

Add other fruity flavours with different fruits

If you want an even more tropical spinach smoothie, try adding different flavours. Many other ingredients go well with the combination of mango and avocado, such as pineapple, banana, and strawberry, as well as other fruits and berries. Pineapple introduces a juicy, tangy punch that highlights the tropical flavour, and bananas offer a deliciously creamy sweetness. Strawberries have a summery taste, with a bright, sweet flavour and a slight tartness that offers a refreshing balance to the sweet avocado and mango. Add the fruits or berries, fresh or frozen, for different textures depending on how thick and creamy you want your smoothie to be. You can also use a splash of apple or orange juice, thinning the smoothie slightly but adding sweet and tangy flavours.