Pineapple smoothie

Pineapple smoothie

5 min
Enjoy a creamy smoothie with orange, pineapple, and vanilla flavours. It is a refreshing and flavourful breakfast or snack option, combining the tropical sweetness of pineapple with the creamy textures of milk and vanilla yogurt and the zesty kick of orange juice.


  • Blend milk, pineapple, yogurt and orange juice together.
  • Pour into a glass and serve immediately.

If you use fresh pineapple instead of canned, choose a ripe one to get the best balance of sweetness and tartness. Look for pineapples with green, fresh-looking leaves. The colour of the skin does not always indicate ripeness, but check the base of the pineapple, as this is where it ripens last. A slight orange or yellow colour in the base suggests the pineapple is ripe throughout. It should also have a slight give when you press it gently.


You can use frozen pineapple, too. Frozen pineapple is picked at peak ripeness and then frozen to keep its sweetness. Frozen, it can help thicken your smoothie and make it refreshingly cold without adding any ice, so you keep the intense flavour. You might need to add more milk or orange juice, as frozen fruit can make the smoothie thicker. Start with the recommended amounts and add more if needed.


Arla Cravendale Semi-skimmed milk
100 ml
Crushed pineapples
200 ml
Vanilla yogurt
100 g
Concentrated orange juice
1 tbsp

Delicious pineapple smoothie with milk and yogurt

When you are in the mood for something sweet and refreshing, our easy pineapple smoothie recipe is just what you need. Thanks to the sweet crushed pineapple, it has an exotic, summery flavour that pairs perfectly with the sweet vanilla yogurt. Blended with yogurt and milk, it gets a deliciously frothy texture you simply need to try. Ideal for a sweet morning, a fresh addition to a brunch table, or as a refreshing, drinkable snack, our pineapple smoothie has a little bit of everything.

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Give it colour and flavour with orange juice

Orange juice adds a vibrant, intense citrus burst to the pineapple smoothie, enhancing its sweet and fresh flavour. It brings a concentrated sweetness and a tangy sharpness, perfectly suited for pineapple and vanilla yogurt. Moreover, not only does it give the smoothie a lovely flavour, but it also contributes a lovely, sunny hue, making you want to take a sip immediately.

Experiment with a pineapple and ginger smoothie

The mild pineapple, orange, and vanilla flavours are delicate and delicious, but you can add a bit of a kick if you feel like it. Use fresh ginger, starting with 1-2 cm, and adding more depending on your preference. You will get a pungent, slightly spicy kick in your pineapple smoothie, deliciously complementing the exotic flavour.

To complement the ginger flavour, consider adding a tad of fresh turmeric. It yields a beautiful, bright orange colour and a sweet yet earthy flavour. Ginger and turmeric are a classic combination known for their complementary flavours, making it a must-try in this smoothie.