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Coconut Skyr With Fruit & Roasted Coconut

Enjoy a spoonful of filling coconut skyr with a hint of exotic flavours from the fresh fruit toppings. The delicious combination of roasted coconut, mango, passion fruit, and coconut skyr makes any morning just a little bit better, giving you both sweet, mild, tart, and fresh flavours in a scrumptious mix of creamy and crunchy textures. With a few fresh mint leaves on top, you add the crowning touch with both colour and flavour.


Step 1
  • Roast coconut flakes in a dry, hot pan for 1-2 minutes. Add honey and let it roast for another 2-3 minutes. Spread it out on a sheet of baking paper and let it cool off.
Step 2
  • Peel the mango and cut the meat into cubes.
Step 3
  • Cut the passion fruits in halves and scrape out the meat.
Step 4
  • Arrange the skyr in bowls or deep plates. Top with mango, roasted coconut flakes, passion fruit and a little mint.

If you end up not using all the crunchy flakes, you can easily store them and enjoy for a few extra mornings during the week.


Our recipe for coconut skyr with roasted coconut and exotic fruits is perfect on the go or as a filling snack when you are out. For the best result, top the skyr with fruits but keep the roasted flakes on the side in a Ziploc bag or a small container. This will keep them from turning soggy before you get a chance to eat the crunchy treat.

Questions about coconut skyr

Although simple, this combination of skyr, fruit, and crunch is a classic that you can enjoy as a flavourful and enjoyable breakfast or as part of a brunch serving. Read more about the delicious combination below.

What toppings to use for coconut skyr?
Almost everything is delicious on top of a bowl of coconut skyr from fresh fruit to crunchy roasted coconut flakes. Exotic flavours complement the mild and delicate nuttiness from the skyr without overpowering it. Mango and passion fruit are good examples of tropical fruits with a slight tartness as well as an irresistible sweetness that complements instead of overpowers the skyr. In addition, adding some crunch on top makes for a texturally delicious experience and, in this case, also adds to the nutty flavour.
Can you freeze coconut skyr?
Yes, you can freeze coconut skyr to eat later in a breakfast bowl or even as frozen yoghurt treats. If it is unopened, simply put the container in the freezer. If opened, transfer to and freeze in an airtight container or Ziploc bag, and, in this latter case, make sure there is no air in the bag before closing it. Freeze for up to 2 months and thaw overnight in the freezer. You can also freeze it in moulds, for example, popsicle moulds, to eat as frozen yoghurt.
How to make roasted coconut for coconut skyr?
Making roasted coconut is easy and takes only a few minutes. Simply heat a pan and roast the flakes, first, on a dry pan, then add honey and keep roasting. Let it cool on baking paper, and sprinkle on skyr when it has completely cooled. Enjoy!
Products used
Arla Skyr Coconut


1 tbsp
Coconut flakes
40 g
Passion fruits
Arla® Skyr Coconut
450 g

Sweet coconut skyr with exotic fruit

Coconut skyr is creamy and thick with a classic, delicious coconut flavour. It is mild with a delectable sweet and irresistible slightly nutty and exotic taste. Coconut is an exotic fruit, or stone fruit, in itself, and topped with other exotic fruits like mango and passion fruit, it makes for a scrumptious treat of tropical, exotic, sweet, and tart flavours.

Mango is sweet and soft and passion fruit is slightly tart and has a crunchy texture, making both fruits delicious and ideally suited as topping for this breakfast bowl or snack. In addition, the two go well together with their flavours and textures complementing each other perfectly.

Make roasted coconut for the perfect crunchy topping

Everything soft and creamy needs a crunchy counterpart. In this case, the coconut skyr is served with roasted coconut on top for that yummy crunchiness. The thin flakes are roasted with honey for a few minutes in a pan, adding an even sweeter flavour and enhancing the crispiness. It is surprisingly easy, and it gives you a fantastic topping. The flakes also get a nuttier flavour, adding to the overall experience of coconut in this delicious breakfast or snack treat. It is a pure joy for anyone with a sweet tooth and a love for mild, nutty flavours.

And of course, let us not forget about the final topping; fresh mint! It is the perfect companion for nutty flavours, and it adds a burst of coolness and freshness as well as a fresh, mild scent; not forgetting its beautiful bright green colour. That’s one way to add both flavour and colour to your mornings.

Savour the exotic flavours and creamy texture

There is a lot to love about this coconut skyr recipe with various toppings. The first is the skyr yoghurt itself. It is creamy and soft, making for a delightful breakfast or snack. Since it is skyr, it will have a natural slight tartness to complement and balance the nutty sweetness. This is amazing with the sweet mango and passion fruit on top, adding some irresistible exotic flavours. With the addition of these fruits, you get a myriad of interesting textures working with each other to create a delicious sensory experience to kick start your day.

For more sweet and delicious skyr recipes, check out our recipe for strawberry skyr pancakes, our sour cherry skyr with homemade chocolate granola, or go for a both sweet and savoury experience with our creamy skyr with nuts and herbs.

Add your own touch

If you love the combination of skyr, fruit, and crispy, nutty flakes, you can try it out in different variations. Mango and passion fruit are not the only exotic flavours that go well with coconut. Try adding other fruits, like kiwi, banana, papaya, blackberries, cherries, figs, or even grapefruit for a touch of bitterness, too.

You can also roast a small handful of chopped nuts, for example, almonds, pistachios, or cashews, with the coconut flakes and honey. Adding these nuts will contribute a nuttier flavour as well as even more crunch, while not overpowering the deliciously mild and exquisite coconut flavour.