Clotted cream

Clotted cream

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Clotted cream originates from England and is a thicker cream. Making clotted cream yourself requires a day's preparation but it is really delicious with scones.


  • Pour the cream into a bowl and place it in a pan of simmering water. Let it simmer for 1 ½ hours without a lid. Do not stir the cream and do not let it boil.
  • Take the bowl out and leave it in the fridge for at least 12 hours. Scoop out the thick creamy surface with a spoon and stir until smooth.

Clotted cream

How do you know when clotted cream is done?
During the heating process, the fat from the cream will separate and float to the top. When done, it will create a firm and wobbly skin. During the cooling process, the skin will firm up even more and you will find a dense and solid layer that is easy to scoop off.
Why is my clotted cream crumbly?
This typically happens to clotted creams that have been frozen for either too long (beyond four months) or in the wrong container (always use an airtight container and wrap in a freezer bag for extra protection).
Can you whip clotted cream to thicken it?
No. If done right, the consistency will already be thick and creamy with no extra whipping required.
How do you loosen clotted cream?
If you feel like the consistency is too thick, simply stir in a small amount of the thin leftover liquid. Keep adding small amounts until you have reached the desired thickness.
How long does clotted cream keep?
If stored in a sealed container and refrigerated, it will last for up to a week. Once opened, it will keep for up to four days. If you’re unsure, give it a sniff: if it smells sour, it has likely expired and it’s best to throw it out.


Whipping cream
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An essential for afternoon tea

If you imagine the smoothness of whipped cream, combined with the luxurious richness of butter, you have clotted cream. Originally an English staple, this thick and decadent cream makes an appearance on everything from teatime menus to the dinner table.

Clotted cream with scones: an English institution

Few things are as perfect a match as clotted cream and scones. From humble beginnings as a way of preserving buffalo milk, the combination of a warm, fluffy pastry and dollop of creamy decadence is a tea-time favourite for the English and beyond.

Other things you can do with clotted cream

Stirring a dollop into your mashed potatoes will instantly transform it from a standard side dish to the star of the dinner table. It also adds a decadent creamy touch to any soup, risotto or sauce. And of course, using it as a topping for anything sweet – from fresh berries to tarts and pies – is always a great idea.

How to store clotted cream

Always use a clean, sealed container for storage and keep it in the refrigerator for up to a week (once opened, use within four days).