Chicken kofta

Chicken kofta

45 min
This Middle Eastern delight is the perfect combination of tender chicken, creamy cheese, and a blend of aromatic spices and herbs. Every bite is packed with fresh and creamy flavours, making cheese chicken kofta a sure crowd-pleaser. Serve the crispy balls as a main course with rice or bread or as they are with dips and sauces. Indulge in this crispy, flavourful dish and be swept away by the deliciously spiced and aromatic flavours.


  • Boil the chicken breasts, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and chop them into tiny pieces.
  • Boil the potatoes and mash them in a large bowl. Add the chopped chicken, cilantro, cream cheese, allspice, garlic powder, and salt.
  • Mix the ingredients with your hands until everything is well combined. Form small balls.
  • Beat eggs and dip the balls in first eggs and then breadcrumbs.
  • Heat the oil and fry the kofta balls until golden brown. Serve hot.

Save time and prepare the meat and potato mixture in advance. Combine all the ingredients to the mixture and let it sit in the fridge covered with cling film or foil for a few hours or until the next day. This allows the flavours to develop and meld together, resulting in a more flavourful result. When you are ready to make the chicken kofta with cheese, simply form the mixture into balls and bread and fry them. Pay attention to the temperature of the oil when frying the balls. Using oil that is too hot can result in burnt kofta, while oil that is not hot enough can result in greasy, soggy kofta. Once they are done, place them on a piece of paper towel to soak up any excess oil before serving.

Questions about chicken kofta

Chicken kofta with cheese is a popular Middle Eastern dish that is loved for its juicy and tender meat and crispy exterior. If you are new to making this delicious dish or simply looking to perfect your skills, read below to find out more.

What is chicken kofta?
Chicken kofta is a traditional dish that is commonly found in Middle Eastern, Indian, and Mediterranean cuisine. It is made from chopped chicken that has been seasoned with herbs and spices and formed into small balls. The chicken mixture is then either grilled, baked, or fried until it is cooked through and crispy on the outside. For this chicken kofta recipe, we bread the balls before frying them to get an extra crispy texture on the outside while remaining tender on the inside.
How to make chicken kofta?
Start by boiling the chicken breasts and seasoning them with salt and pepper. Once cooked, chop the chicken into small pieces and set aside. Boil the potatoes and mash them in a large bowl. Add chicken, cilantro, cheese, allspice, garlic powder, and salt to the mashed potatoes and mix everything until it is well combined. Form into small balls, dip these in beaten egg and roll them in breadcrumbs. Finally, heat some oil in a pan and fry the chicken kofta until they are golden brown.
What herbs and spices to use for chicken kofta?
Our chicken kofta with cheese are made with garlic powder, allspice, and cilantro (but you can use parsley as well). The combination of these spices and herbs brings out the best in the chicken and creates a tasty and aromatic dish with bright and fresh flavours and a subtle hint of sweetness. You can also brighten it with fresh mint or add some chilli powder to make it spicier.


Cream cheese
3 tbsp
Boneless chicken breasts
Cilantro or fresh parsley, finely chopped
10 g
Garlic powder
2 tbsp
2 tsp
1 tsp
120 g
Vegetable oil
60 ml

Middle Eastern chicken kofta with cheese

Chicken kofta with cheese is a traditional Middle Eastern dish with chicken, cheese, potato, and a blend of spices such as cilantro and allspice. It is formed into small balls, breaded, and fried until golden brown and crispy on the outside. Since our recipe yields chicken and cheese kofta, you get a creaminess and tanginess from the cheese that complements the juicy meat and spices perfectly. It is like a beautiful combination of meatballs and cheese sticks, and it tastes just as delicious as it sounds.

Aloo kofta with soft cream cheese spread

Aloo kofta is a variation of the classic meat kofta made with mashed ‘aloo’, which means potatoes. In this aloo kofta recipe, the potatoes and meat are mixed with a soft cream cheese spread. This spread adds a creamy texture and a delectable tangy flavour that complements the kofta’s mild-flavoured potatoes, spices, and herbs wonderfully. The cheese not only helps bind the ingredients together, thus allowing for the easy shaping of the kofta balls, but it also contributes to a tenderer and juicier final result as it melts during the cooking process.

Try the delicious cream cheese spread with our recipes for cheese and mushroom omelette, shakshuka with eggs and tomatoes, and creamy chicken.

Enjoy traditional breaded chicken and cheese kofta

The cheese chicken koftas are given a crispy outer layer by being breaded before frying them in a pan. This simple step enhances both the texture and flavour and creates a protective barrier that locks the moisture in and keeps the koftas intact. The breadcrumbs provide a crunchy exterior that contrasts perfectly with the tender and juicy interior. When fried, the breadcrumbs turn golden brown, giving the koftas a delicious and appetising appearance.

The cheese and chicken kofta can be served with rice or bread or simply accompanied by dips and sauces. Regardless of how you choose to serve it, it is sure to impress your guests.

Add a spicy touch to the recipe

If you enjoy a bit of heat, you can easily add a spicy touch to the recipe. Experiment with spicy seasonings by adding dried red chilli flakes, cayenne pepper, or chilli powder to give the chicken kofta with cheese a spicy kick. If you want to add finely chopped fresh chilli, you can remove the seeds of the chilli to reduce the level of heat, if needed. Another option is to serve the chicken kofta with a spicy dipping sauce or drizzle the kofta with spicy oils. This is a great way to add spiciness without overwhelming the flavour of the kofta.