Affordable goodness for all

Arla Organic Farm Milk

We believe that organic milk should be for everyone. Of course we all deserve milk that's fresh and delicious, but more than that we deserve choice. The right to choose a milk that's not only good for you but is good for the land and good for cows too. That's why we created Arla Organic ensuring affordable goodness for all. 

Good for you

We do less to our milk, which means it's closer to its natural state with the cream on top.

* Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones.

Good for the land

We care about where our milk comes from. That's why we never use pesticides on our land, helping to support a more sustainable future.

Good for cows

Our cows are reared outside on a 100% organic diet of grass and clover. They receive less antibiotics too, so none gets into our milk.

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