Explore the inside of an Arla farm

Explore the inside of an Arla farm

Open Farm Sunday Welcome to our LEAF Open Farm Sunday page! Book below to visit a farm on this year’s LEAF’S Open Farm Sunday.


At Arla we recognise the importance of supporting our dairy farmers to create connections, build awareness, trust and understanding for people about how their food is produced. We also acknowledge that supporting our farmers and sharing the huge range of goods and services dairy farming provides is a key part of delivering more sustainable farming. We therefore sponsor LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming): an organisation delivering more sustainable food and farming for the UK.

What is LEAF's Open Farm Sunday?

LEAF’s Open Farm Sunday is one of the farming industry’s biggest success stories. It is a fantastic opportunity for Arla farms and farms across the UK to open to members of the public. The events allows everyone to discover firsthand what it means to be a farmer and the inspiring work they do to produce our food and enhance our countryside. Each event is unique but in previous years our Arla farmers have provided: farm walks, nature trails, tractor rides, demonstrations on how to milk a cow, mini farmers markets or farm shops. The list is endless!

Meet the Gregory's!

Meet our organic dairy farmers Tom and Sophie! Tom and Sophie have been at Home Farm for over 7 years and produce over 2 million litres of Arla organic milk each year. Unfortunately Covid-19 has meant many of our farms, including Tom and Sophie, were unable to open for a while, due to which we teamed up with them to share a snippet of what a day entails as an Arla Farmer. The family are very much looking forward to welcoming visitors on farm in person now!

Explore our Online Open Farm

Discover the world of farming through our interactive farm experience. Learn lots of interesting facts about our farms and our initiatives including animal welfare and sustainability, test your farming knowledge by taking one of our quizzes as well as download some fun activities to keep the kids entertained.



Open Farm Sunday

Please follow the link below through to LEAF’s online booking system where you can book a day out at your nearest local farm. At Arla we know it will be a fantastic opportunity to discover the world of UK farming for you, your friends and family.