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The ArlaCravendale Story

We are passionate about bringing the nation deliciously pure British milk!

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It's just

The good stuff

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Vitamins B12 & B23

Which contribute to the normal function of the immune system and reduction of tiredness

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Which contribute to a growth in muscle mass

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Iodine & Potassium

Which contribute to normal cognitive function and maintenance of normal blood pressure

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Maintenance of normal teeth and bones

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Our whiter than white bottle plays a part too.

It doesn't just help us stand out on the shelves, it helps to protect our milk - keeping it fresh, for longer. Remember, the bottle and lids are 100% recyclable too.

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All our farmers meet the red tractor quality standards, as well as our own global Arlagârden standards.

The Arlagârden programme focuses on three core things

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Milk Quality

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Animal welfare

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Food safety

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From one of the


British farmers

In the Arla family

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