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The last marble standing games

Summer 2020 may not have been the summer of sport we expected, but what we got was just as exhilarating. The Last Marble Standing games saw six teams go marble-to-marble across incredible sporting events, where the last marble standing would be the ultimate victor.

Introducing the Duke and Duchess of Craven

Proudly hosting Cravendale’s Last Marble Standing were the Duke and Duchess of Craven. Popular amongst the Cravendales’ community, the Duke and Duchess are known for their fresh outlook, pure intentions and, like the cast of Love Island, sporting only chicest of milky white ensembles.

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The Cravendome

The Last Marble Standing Games took place at the world-renowned Cravendome, in the heart of the picturesque Cravendales.


Meet the Teams

There were 6 amazing teams competing in the Last Marble Standing tournament. These six teams have each completed long applications, intense qualifiers, and have even managed to make it through judges houses all for the chance at taking home that coveted Cravendale Cup.

Team Purity

As the host team, Team Purity were the only team to automatically qualify to compete in the LMS Games. The Duke and Duchess of Craven personally filtered through thousands of aspiring athletes to find the purist marbles for the Team Purity line-up. It’s safe to say there were a lot of eyes on this team’s performance when that first starting gun went off.

Team Purity badge
Milky Madness badge

Milky Madness

A powerhouse of endurance and teamwork, Milky Madness were the team to beat in the LMS Games. Highest placed in the qualifiers, they quickly became the bookies favourite to win, and caught the attention of many of our high-profile fans. A team that prides itself on well thought-out tactics and strict preparation, it was interesting to watch how this team held up when faced with the unexpected.

The Freshers

The new kids on the block were here to shake things up. For a team that has only existed for 8 months, The Freshers hit the ground running when they qualified in 3rd place in an unexpected but refreshing turn of events. With a lot to prove, these underdogs definitely got a lot of attention when game day arrived.

The Freshers badge
Semi Skimmers badge

Semi Skimmers

A clear audience favourite coming out of the earlier rounds, the Semi Skimmers garnered a huge fan-base very quickly. While their performance in the qualifiers landed them a respectable mid-spot, what they lacked for in points they sure made up for in personality.

Graze of Glory

Marble veterans, Graze Of Glory are the longest standing team in our line-up. First stepping out as a team in 1923, the Graze Of Glory banner has been seen waving at almost every major marble event up until their retirement in 1985. But now they’re back with a brand new line-up and the same old spirit.

Graze of Glory badge
Dairy Dash badge

Dairy Dash

A team that’s known more for their speed than their endurance, there were more than a few shocked faces when we saw Dairy Dash in the line-up for the tournament. However, finishing just behind Milky Madness to take second place in the qualifiers, it’s clear this team have thought hard about what it takes to compete in these games.

Meet the creator

Presiding over the games was YouTuber Jelle Bakker, who has a rich association with marble sports and Marbular One racing. He joined us at the Craven Dome for this unique meeting of filtered milk and marbles.

About Jelle

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At Cravendale we love a filter. Even our milk is filtered for purity which means it stays deliciously fresh up to 3 weeks unopened & 7 days when open! No additives or UHT, it's fresh milky goodness, pure and simple.

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