Tomato and lentil soup with croutons

Tomato and lentil soup with croutons

25 min
Enjoy this warm, spicy tomato and lentil soup with crispy garlic croutons. It offers a feast for the senses, blending warmth, spice, tanginess, and creaminess into a balanced and irresistible lunch or dinner. Serve with a dollop of yoghurt or crème fraiche for a cooling finish, blending seamlessly with the soup and giving you a rich, tangy kick.


  • Melt butter in a thick-bottomed pan on high heat, ensuring it does not burn.
  • Fry shallots and garlic for ½ minute. Add tomato paste and cook for an additional ½ minute.
  • Add broth, lentils, tomatoes, chilli sauce, and salt. Boil the soup, covered with a lid, on low heat for 15 minutes or until the lentils are tender.
  • Preheat the oven to 225°C (conventional oven).
  • Cut toast slices into cubes (1½ x 1½ cm). Place butter in a small baking pan and place it briefly in the oven until it is melted.
  • Mix bread, garlic, and salt with the melted butter and toast in the middle of the oven for 10 minutes. Stir occasionally.
To serve
  • Arrange the soup in deep plates or bowls and top with croutons.
  • Serve with Greek yogurt or crème fraiche and additional sweet chilli sauce to taste.

For the best homemade croutons, consider using robust bread with a good crust and dense texture, such as sourdough, ciabatta, rye bread, or wholegrain bread. In addition, using leftover bread will ensure you get croutons that crisp up on the outside and keep a chewy inside. Leftover bread tends to be drier, allowing it to absorb flavours better and crisp up easier when toasted.


If the soup is too thick for your liking, add a bit more water until you reach the desired consistency. Reheat the soup slowly after adding the water to ensure a consistent temperature. If you thin the soup with water, you may need to add more seasoning.


25 g
Shallots, chopped
200 g
Garlic, crushed
Concentrated tomato paste
140 g
Vegetable broth
1 l
Red lentils
150 g
Chopped tomatoes
800 g
Sweet chilli sauce
100 ml
Coarse salt
1¼ tsp
4 slices
25 g
Garlic, crushed
Coarse salt
¼ tsp
To serve
Greek yogurt or crème fraiche
300 g

Make a tomato and lentil soup with croutons

There is nothing like a tasty, steaming bowl of homemade soup. This tomato and lentil soup has a rich and layered flavour profile and a satisfyingly thick texture. Shallots and garlic introduce a savoury depth to the tomato base, and sweet chilli sauce contributes an aromatic warmth and a slight spiciness.

The croutons, toasted in butter and mixed with salt and garlic, add a crunchy element that contrasts beautifully with the smoothness of the lentils and the tender chunks of tomato. This results in a must-try soup you can serve for both lunch and dinner or as a warming starter.

Rich tomato base with red lentils

The foundation of a soup is the most important, giving it the essential depth and flavour it needs. And here, it is a rich tomato. The tomato flavour comes from tomato paste and chopped tomatoes, combining the concentrated, robust essence of the paste with the fresh, slightly sweet, and acidic nuances of the chopped tomatoes. The concentrated tomato paste provides a strong foundation, deepening the overall taste, while the chopped tomatoes introduce a lighter, fresher tomato element that brightens the soup and adds a touch of sweetness.

Once cooked and tender, the red lentils add to the warmth of the soup with their lovely, creamy texture. They have a mild, slightly earthy flavour that complements the vibrant tomato base without overpowering it. They meld into the soup, thickening it naturally and providing a smooth, comforting consistency. Together, these components create a harmonious blend where the subtlety of the lentils perfectly balances the boldness of the tomatoes.

Serve with Greek yogurt or crème fraiche

A piping hot and even slightly spicy tomato lentil soup is utterly delicious with Greek yogurt or crème fraiche on top. Serving your soup like this makes it richer and more luxurious, and the slight tanginess is delicious for balancing the flavours of the soup, especially the slight spiciness and the pungent garlic croutons. A dollop of yogurt or crème fraiche on top also looks decorative against the bright red soup, offering a contrast in colours and a hint of elegance.

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Get creative with the recipe

Our tomato lentil soup is irresistible in its simplicity, but you can easily get creative and add other ingredients. Try different vegetables, such as carrots, celery, spinach, kale, peppers, or sweet potato. Let your chosen vegetables simmer to enrich the soup with flavour and texture. Blend the soup after simmering the vegetables, creating a soft texture.

You can also decorate it with different garnishes. Add a handful of fresh basil leaves, parsley, or finely chopped chives to introduce freshness and colour.

Or experiment with the croutons. Turn them into cheesy croutons by sprinkling grated Parmesan, cheddar, or mozzarella over them just a few minutes before they finish baking.