Scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon

Scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon

20 min
Enjoy our cheesy scrambled eggs on crisp, toasted bread for a sumptuous breakfast. Crispy bacon and creamy blue cheese elevate this classic of fluffy eggs bursting with flavour. Serve with fresh, green baby spinach on top for a pop of colour, making it look just as enticing as it tastes.


  • Fry bacon in a dry hot pan until crispy. Let it drain on kitchen paper.
  • Peel and chop onion. Sauté in butter & rapeseed oil in a pan.
  • Whisk eggs and cream. Season with salt and pepper. Pour the mixture into the pan.
  • Stir the scrambled eggs over low heat until the mixture becomes soft and creamy. Crumble in blue cheese.
  • Serve the scrambled eggs on toasted bread with spinach and bacon.

The toasted bread is quite essential as it is the base that holds your creamy scrambled eggs. Make sure it is toasted enough to make it firm and stable on the outside while still being soft and slightly chewy on the inside. There are more ways to go about it. Preheat your oven or set your toaster to a medium-high setting and toast it for about 1-2 minutes on each side or until it reaches a golden-brown colour.


To make it even more delicious, lightly brush the bread slices with olive oil or butter and toast them in a pan over medium heat until each side is crispy and golden.


140 g
Cooking cream
100 ml
Blue cheese
140 g
Baby spinach
80 g
Bread, toasted
4 slices
½ tsp
Butter & rapeseed oil for frying
Black pepper
1 pinch

Try our easy scrambled eggs with cheese

Our scrambled eggs with cheese take this classic, beloved egg dish to the next level, featuring savoury blue cheese, salty bacon, and fresh spinach. Toasted bread makes a crispy base that complements the creamy eggs, and the salty crispness of the bacon perfectly cuts through the richness of the cheese and eggs, adding depth and complexity to every bite. Finally, the fresh spinach on top introduces a slight bitterness and a lovely colour. Enjoy our cheesy scrambled eggs recipe for an easy breakfast or brunch.

Indulge in the rich and creamy flavour

These scrambled eggs with cheese are truly special because of the blue cheese. It is a pungent cheese with a piquant flavour and a delicious saltiness, which infuses the dish with a rich, complex depth. The robust tanginess of the cheese and its salty, sharp notes contrast beautifully with the creamy, soft texture of the eggs and their mild flavour. Paired with the crispy bacon, the bold character of the blue cheese shines through, offering a rich and harmonious blend of flavours that is sure to leave an impression. The texture also gets creamier and more indulgent when you add cheese, elevating the serving from a simple, quick dish to a decadent treat.

Serve on toasted bread with crispy bacon

You have two delicious layers of crispy textures sandwiched around the creamy eggs. At the bottom, the toasted bread provides a sturdy, crunchy foundation for the soft eggs, and on top, the crispy bacon adds a salty, savoury crunch that complements the richness of the cheese.

Use leftover bread for the toast to get an extra crispy bottom layer. Its slightly dried-out texture crisps up wonderfully in the toaster or oven, offering a robust crunch to support the luxurious scrambled eggs.

We have other ideas if you want to cook with stale bread. Check out our leftover bread recipes for breakfast or lunch, for example, our bread pudding with banana and chocolate, a classic mushroom toast or mushroom sandwich, or this banana toast with nut butter.

Experiment with the recipe

You can add more ingredients to the egg mixture if you want a richer serving. This is also an excellent way to use, for example, leftover vegetables. You can either sauté them and mix them with the egg mixture in the pan or serve the vegetables on the side, fresh or sautéed, depending on the vegetables and how you prefer them. Use leftover baked or boiled potatoes cut into thin slices or small cubes, mushrooms, or cherry tomatoes. It is an ideal way to use up those bits and pieces in your fridge that are wilted, soft, or bruised.

You can also sprinkle the finished scrambled eggs with fresh chives, adding a mild oniony flavour and a pop of colour that brightens the dish visually and taste-wise.