50 min
We are going back to basics with a simple meatloaf recipe with lots of flavour from mild mozzarella cheese and sweet bell peppers. The meatloaf is made with minced pork and oats and requires only minimal preparation. Serve the loaf with roasted vegetables and apples and a cold, tangy quark dressing. Enjoy a popular classic that evokes feelings of warmth and nostalgia with delicious tender flavours that will be a hit for the whole family.


  • Stir pork mince with salt and lemon pepper.
  • Add onion, egg, and oats and pour in the milk little by little. Stir in cheese and bell peppers.
  • Shape the forcemeat into an approx. 28 cm loaf in an ovenproof dish and bake it at the top of the oven for about 40 minutes at 200°C.
  • Place bell peppers, apples, and leeks close together on a baking sheet lined with baking paper.
  • Sprinkle with salt and bake the vegetables at the bottom of the oven with the meatloaf for the last 30 minutes at 200°C.
Quark dressing
  • Mix quark with lemon pepper, salt, and water. Adjust the flavour if needed.

This recipe can be made in advance and reheated for a quick and easy dinner which is a great option if you are busy or like to have your meals ready for the week ahead. With its moist and tender texture, it works well reheated, too, as it will not dry out when reheated.


Mix the ingredients carefully, ensuring not to overwork the meat mixture, as this can make the loaf tough and dense. Also, make sure it is neither undercooked nor overcooked to prevent it from falling apart and drying out.


Slow and steady always wins the race. Cooking the dish at too high a temperature can cause the outside to cook too quickly, leaving the inside undercooked. It is best to cook it at 200°C for about 1 hour or until the internal temperature reaches 71°C. After removing the loaf from the oven, let it sit for a few minutes before slicing it. This will allow the juices to flow and make the loaf moister and more flavourful.

Questions about meatloaf

Meatloaf is a simple dish that does not require a lot of preparation or cooking skills. We combine simple ingredients to make an easy dinner the whole family will love. Read on to learn more about this easy family favourite!

What is meatloaf?
Meatloaf is made of minced meat with seasonings and, for example, finely chopped vegetables, cheese, and oatmeal. It is shaped into a loaf and baked in the oven until it has a light brown exterior. It is typically served as a main dish and often accompanied by gravy or a tomato-based sauce with roasted potatoes and vegetables on the side.
How to make meatloaf in the oven?
Making meatloaf in the oven is the easiest way to make this delicious, savoury loaf. First, stir the minced meat with salt and lemon pepper. Then, add onion, egg, and oats. Slowly pour in the milk little by little while stirring. Mix in the cheese and bell peppers. Finally, shape it into a nearly 28 cm long loaf and place it in an ovenproof dish. Bake it at the top of the oven at 200°C. Garnish with finely chopped leek tops.
How long do you cook a meatloaf?
The cooking time for meatloaf can vary depending on the size and shape of the loaf, as well as the oven temperature. If you go with a regular sized loaf of about 28 cm long when using approx. 400 g of minced met, it will cook for about 1 hour at 200°C. To determine whether it is done, check the internal temperature, colour, and consistency. It should be light brown and feel firm when tapped on top.
At what temperature is meatloaf done?
The internal temperature for meatloaf should be at 71°C for it to be considered done. At this point, any harmful bacteria present in the meat have been killed, and it is safe to eat. You can use a meat thermometer to get an accurate temperature. But be sure to check the internal temperature of the meatloaf in several places, as the centre of the loaf may cook at a different rate than the edges.
Why does my meatloaf fall apart?
Several things can cause it to fall apart, such as using lean meat, overmixing the ingredients, overcooking it, and not allowing the loaf enough time to cool properly before slicing it. Also, it is important to use a binder like eggs or oats that can help keep the loaf together and hold its shape.
How to reheat meatloaf?
There are a few different ways to reheat leftover meatloaf. To reheat it in the oven, preheat it to 175°C. Place the loaf leftovers in a baking dish with a bit of water and cover it with foil. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until it is heated through. To reheat meatloaf on the stovetop, place the loaf in a skillet over medium heat and cover it with a lid. Cook it for 10-15 minutes – remember to turn it occasionally. Finally, you can reheat it using a microwave and heat it in 30-second intervals until it has the desired temperature.
Can you freeze meatloaf?
Yes, you can freeze it for up to 6 months. It is a great way to preserve the taste and texture so you can enjoy it at a later time. Allow the loaf to cool completely before wrapping it tightly with foil or cling film. Once wrapped, place it in a freezer bag and pop it in the freezer. You may find it more convenient to portion it before freezing, making it easier to thaw and plan for different meals.
What is a good side dish for meatloaf?
Homemade meatloaf is delicious with all sorts of sides. The classic pairing is a hearty, savoury sauce or if you want a lighter pairing, a light and tangy, cold dressing. Serve with boiled or baked potatoes, roasted vegetables, a green salad, crusted bread, or both sauce, potatoes, and vegetables. Everything goes when you are in the mood for a well-rounded dinner for the whole family since a tender, mild pork meatloaf pairs perfectly with so many family favourite side dishes.
How long does meatloaf last in the fridge?
When properly stored, cooked meatloaf will last for 3-4 days in the refrigerator. To keep it fresh for longer, refrigerate it in an airtight container or wrap it tightly with foil or cling film. Keep in mind that the texture and flavour may change as time passes, so it is best to enjoy it within the first few days for optimal taste and texture.

Nutritional values

Nutritional value, per

Fibre 49.1 gram fibers
Protein 58.7 %
Carbohydrates 152 %
Fat 10.2 gram


Minced pork (about 6% fat)
400 g
Coarse salt
½ tsp
Lemon peppers
1 tsp
Finely grated yellow onion (approx. 100 g)
Finely rolled oats (1 dl)
40 g
100 ml
Grated mozzarella cheese
200 g
Red small, diced bell pepper (150 g)
Large diced red bell pepper (approx. 300 g)
Firm apples cut into thick boats, for example, Granny Smith (approx. 250 g)
Leeks in 2 cm pieces (approx. 200 g)
Coarse salt
1 tsp
Quark dressing
Quark 0.3%
250 g
Lemon peppers
½ tsp
Coarse salt
¼ tsp
2 tbsp
Finely chopped leek tops
Serve with
Baked or boiled potatoes
600 g

Classic meatloaf with savoury sides

Time to bring back a classic that has stood the test of time and continues to be a popular and beloved dish. Meatloaf has been around for a very long time and has become quite the crowd-pleaser with its delicious taste and minimal preparation time making for a satisfying and comforting meal.

A traditional recipe often calls for breadcrumbs, but for this easy meatloaf recipe, we opted for a pork meatloaf without breadcrumbs and use egg, cheese, and oats as binding agents to hold the loaf together. It is cooked in the oven, allowing the meat to retain its juice while also developing a crispy crust on the outside.

The combination of savoury ingredients and oven-baking creates a delectable, juicy, and moist loaf. It is served with a quark dressing and roasted vegetables and apples on the side to create a fresh and light counterpart to the hearty loaf.

Discover the secret to a moist meatloaf with pork

Several factors contribute to a moist and tender meatloaf, especially when using pork as the main ingredient. When it comes to what meat to use for the recipe, fat is your friend. The proper fat ratio to lean meat keeps the loaf moist and flavourful. Once the loaf is cooking, the fat will liquefy, resulting in a moist texture. By adding finely diced bell peppers to the mixture, the meat gets additional moisture and lots of extra flavour.

To help hold the dish together, it is important to use binding agents like eggs, cheese, and oats that absorb and retain liquids and keep the loaf from drying out. The cheese creates a delicious, gooey centre when cooked and adds a nice texture to the dish. But do not overmix the ingredients, or you will end up with a dense and compact loaf rather than a juicy and tender one. Mix the ingredients just enough to combine them.

Tangy quark dressing

A tangy quark dressing is a tasty addition to homemade meatloaf. Quark has a tangy, slightly sour flavour that complements the rich and savoury aromas of the dish. For the dressing, we combine quark with coarse salt, a bit of water, and lemon pepper for a sharp lemony taste with underlying umami nuances. The dressing can be used to top the dish or served on the side as a dip for the loaf and roasted vegetables.

Be sure to check out more of our savoury dinner recipes, for example, stuffed pork tenderloin with hazelnuts and bacon, homemade calzone with a cheesy filling, or a roast pumpkin salad with black beans.

Flavoured with oatmeal and sweet red bell pepper

Meatloaf with oatmeal is a classic combination that adds moisture to the loaf and holds it together. The oats act as a binding ingredient and add a bit of texture with a slightly nutty and earthy flavour. They also absorb the liquid of the other ingredients, which prevents the loaf from drying out. To add a counterpoint to the oats, diced bell peppers offer a nice sweetness and crunch and ensure a well-rounded flavour experience.

Give the recipe a twist

Meatloaf with mushrooms is a popular variation of traditional recipes and provides rich and earthy flavours. The addition of finely diced mushrooms keeps the loaf moist and adds texture. To enhance the rich aromas of the mushroom, you can sauté them before adding them to the meat.

Bacon-wrapped meatloaf is a fun way to elevate the humble loaf with smoky and salty aromas. Wrap slices of bacon around the meat before baking it in the oven. This offsets the flavour of the bacon, allowing the juices to seep into the meat and keep it moist. You can also brush the bacon with a thin layer of honey to create a sweet contrast to the savoury flavours.