Creamy mushroom soup

Creamy mushroom soup

A simple creamy mushroom soup is nothing short of mouth-watering. Our take on this classic may be made with your favourite mushrooms and features leeks, garlic, and creamy bechamel sauce with cheese. Try our recipe for creamy mushroom soup when you want to serve an elegant dish that calls for few ingredients and requires you to spend almost no time in the kitchen.


  • Crush the garlic and finely chop the leeks and the mushrooms. Only use the white part of the leeks.
  • Melt butter in a large saucepan. Add leeks and garlic and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until softened. Add mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes until soft.
  • Add chicken stock and bechamel sauce and bring to a boil. Let it simmer for 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.
  • Ladle into warm bowls and garnish with thyme sprigs.

To ensure the creamy texture for which leek and mushroom soup is known, it may be necessary to thicken it with flour or cornflour. After adding either flour or cornflour slurry (made by combining cornflour and water), make sure to let the creamy garlic mushroom soup simmer for a few minutes to allow for the thickening agent to work its magic. None of the thickening agents will add any unwanted flavour to the dish.

Questions about creamy mushroom soup

With a quick and easy creamy mushroom soup recipe, preparing a delicious, umami-packed soup is incredibly simple. Read on below to learn more about it!

What is mushroom soup?
A creamy mushroom soup features a type of mushroom as the main ingredient. It may be prepared with different ones like white or wild mushrooms, popular varieties like portobello and shiitake, or roasted mushrooms for additional flavour like in this recipe. Typically made with milk or cream, it is known for its rich and creamy taste and texture, which is ensured fully with the use of bechamel sauce with cheese in our version. Creamy mushroom soup may be flavoured with a vast array of different herbs, and in this case, we use minty, lemony thyme.
How to make creamy mushroom soup?
Since soups make for perfect Ramadan dishes, one with mushrooms is great to have in your repertoire. Fortunately, making creamy mushroom soup is quite easy and quick. Start by sautéing the leeks and garlic before adding your mushrooms of choice to the saucepan as well. Pour in the chicken stock and bechamel sauce with cheese, bring it to a boil, and let it simmer for a few minutes before seasoning to taste and serving in warm bowls garnished with thyme sprigs.
Which mushrooms are good for mushroom soup?
Many different varieties of mushrooms taste great in a creamy mushroom soup. White mushrooms and their aged counterpart brown cremini are classic choices that both taste delicious and hold their form in a soup. So will portobello or shiitake mushrooms. The former will give the dish more body as it is quite meaty, while the latter increases its richness. Oyster mushrooms will give the dish a briny, seafood-like quality. You can, of course, also use wild mushrooms if possible.
How to thicken mushroom soup?
To ensure the characteristically thick, creamy mushroom soup, you may need to thicken it with flour or cornflour slurry (cornflour mixed with water) although the bechamel sauce with cheese will do most of the work for you. Add the flour or slurry to the dish and let it simmer for a few minutes to allow for the thickening agent to thicken it without leaving any traces of flavour. As mentioned, thickening this creamy mushroom soup may not be necessary as making it with bechamel sauce with cheese will naturally lead it to become quite thick.
How long can mushroom soup last in the fridge?
Creamy mushroom soup keeps for 3-4 days in the fridge. It may, as such, be prepared in advance. This makes it perfect for busy periods when you might be doing a lot of cooking and meal prepping. After it has cooled, transfer it to one or more airtight containers or a covered bowl. You can reheat your creamy mushroom soup leftovers in a saucepan or microwave.
Can you freeze mushroom soup?
If you happen to have any leftover creamy mushroom soup with bechamel sauce, you can easily freeze it and enjoy it later. After it has cooled, transfer it to one or more airtight containers, leaving room for the liquid to expand as it freezes. In the freezer, it will last for up to 3 months. To reheat the creamy mushroom soup, either pop it into the microwave for 30-second increments at high heat until it has been heated through or warm it more slowly in a saucepan.


Creamy mushroom soup:
Bechamel sauce with cheese
500 ml
Unsalted butter
50 g
Garlic cloves
500 g
Chicken stock
480 ml
Salt and pepper
Thyme sprigs

Creamy mushroom soup with your favourite mushrooms

The best creamy mushroom soup has a thick and rich consistency and is packed with bits of mushroom and umami flavour. This signature flavour may be created using a variety of different mushrooms. As such, you can use the kind you enjoy the most whether it be mild white mushrooms, more intense cremini mushrooms, meaty portobello mushrooms, rich shiitake mushrooms, or delicately seafood-flavoured oyster mushrooms. You can even mix and match different ones or use more intense roasted mushrooms, as we do in our recipe, to create your perfect version of this chunky, creamy mushroom soup.

If you cannot get enough mushrooms, spoil yourself and check out these recipes for creamy rosemary mushroom chicken thighs and cheese mushroom omelette.

Take the easy way with a cheesy bechamel sauce

Making a creamy mushroom leek soup is incredibly quick when you use bechamel sauce as the base. Flavoured with nutmeg, this thick sauce has a buttery, creamy taste with a bit of warmth and some subtle nutty notes. The fact that it has cheese in it only serves to make this soup richer and more delectable as it mirrors the mushroom's umami flavour. As such, it presents a wonderful way to make an easy creamy mushroom soup with just a few ingredients, making for a flavour that has everything you need and want.

Make a mushroom soup with leeks for a savoury, sweet onion flavour

Though this mushroom and leek soup features mushrooms in a prominent potion, the leeks help ensure the complexity of its flavour profile by deepening its flavours. The onion flavour brought to it by the leeks as well as the garlic cloves creates a base of savouriness with hints of sweetness. We recommend using only the white part of the leek because this tender bit contains the most flavour and gives this unblended, creamy mushroom soup the nicest, creamiest consistency.

For more delicious soups to cook this Ramadan, have a look at our recipes for cream of chicken soup and lentil soup with cooking cream, too.

Add your own touch

Our recipe has perhaps made you consider what herbs go with mushroom soup. Some wonderful options include thyme, rosemary, oregano, and tarragon. Try using thyme in the dish itself rather than only a garnish by frying it with garlic and mushrooms before adding the sauce. Its earthiness with sharp floral and peppery undertones complements the mushrooms beautifully and is delicious in a more prominent role in the creamy mushroom soup.

You may also have been wondering what goes with mushroom soup. When it is as rich and creamy as ours, you may either want to brighten it or lean into this richness. The former may be achieved by using fresh herbs like parsley as a colourful garnish or a pinch of lemon zest and drizzle of lemon juice to truly brighten the flavour and add a citrusy counterpart to the hearty mushroom flavour. If you want to lean into its richness, serve it with cheesy garlic bread with thyme and caramelised onions to mirror the delicious flavours of the dish itself.