Bread pudding

Bread pudding

50 min
Indulge in our traditional bread pudding recipe with sweet flavours and irresistible textures. It boasts a rich combination of custard-soaked bread, sweetness from baked apples and raisins, and a spiced warmth from cinnamon and cardamom. Serve with a cooling, fluffy crème fraiche topping and get ready to impress your guests with a dessert that is as easy as it is luxurious.


  • Preheat the oven to 175°C (fan-assisted oven).
  • Grease an ovenproof dish with butter.
  • Cut apples and bread into small cubes.
  • Whisk eggs, whole milk, cooking cream, cardamom, cinnamon, and 50 g of sugar in a bowl.
  • Fold bread cubes into the egg mixture and place about one-third in the dish. Add a layer of one-third of the apples and repeat the same with the raisins, sprinkling with a bit of sugar. Repeat until you have used all the bread and apples.
  • Pour any remaining egg mixture that the bread has not absorbed over the dish. Sprinkle with a bit of sugar and flaked almonds on top.
  • Bake for about 30-35 minutes. Allow to cool slightly, and sprinkle with half of the icing sugar.
  • Mix crème fraiche with vanilla and the remaining icing sugar. Serve with the bread pudding.

The best bread to use for this type of dessert is leftover bread. It is a tasty way to use stale bread that you would not otherwise use. It ensures a perfect texture as stale bread is drier than fresh, which means it absorbs the custard more effectively, resulting in a deliciously moist and flavourful pudding.


15 g
Bread, 1 cm thick
4 slices
Large apples
Arla Cravendale Whole milk
300 ml
Cooking cream
200 ml
Ground cardamom
1 tsp
Ground cinnamon
1 tsp
50 g
75 g
Almond flakes
30 g
To serve
Creme fraiche
250 g
Vanilla pod, seeds from it
Icing sugar
2 tbsp

Try our easy-to-make bread pudding

Delight in our recipe for this traditional dessert that is simply delicious. In our bread pudding, custard-soaked cubes of bread and tender apples create a luxurious texture. It has a gentle crisping on top, thanks to the time in the oven as well as the almond flakes that contrast beautifully with the moist, rich interior. Each bite is heavenly, and the dessert promises to impress with its deep, comforting flavours, simple ingredients, and easy preparation.

Raisins and apples for a sweet and fruity touch

The combination of raisins and apples is a classic, and in this recipe, they create the most deliciously sweet and fruity flavour. The apples get soft and tender in the oven and release their natural sweetness, while the raisins plump up in the rich custard, adding bursts of juicy flavour. The sweet combination adds a delightful textural contrast and infuses the dessert with a deliciously deep fruitiness that complements the creamy custard base, making each bite nothing less than irresistible.

Infused with aromatic spices

Our bread pudding is infused with aromatic spices that take its flavour profile to new heights. Cinnamon and cardamom provide a warm, inviting aroma, ideal for cosy evenings that are just calling for a dessert. The spices also add a rich layer of flavour to every bite and enhance the natural sweetness of the apples and raisins.

Crunchy almond topping

All the soft, scrumptious textures need a balance, and in comes the crunchy almond flakes on top. As the pudding bakes, the almonds turn golden brown. This nutty finish adds a visual appeal and provides a satisfying crunch to contrast the soft, luscious pudding beneath, making each serving the perfect balance of textures and flavours.

Discover the charm of the traditional German Ofenschlupfer

Ofenschlupfer is a cherished bread pudding from southern Germany, particularly beloved in Bavaria and Swabia. Its name playfully translates to "oven slipper," implying that it is a dessert that is baked and easy to prepare. It typically consists of alternating layers of sliced bread, apples, and maybe some other fruits. It is seasoned with warming spices like cinnamon. In the oven, the bread absorbs a rich custard of eggs and milk, evolving into a moist, soft texture that contrasts with the slightly crispy top.

Traditionally, Ofenschlupfer is savoured as a dessert, often served warm and accompanied by a vanilla sauce, whipped cream, or vanilla ice cream, which complements the subtle spiciness and sweetness of the apples. Despite its usual role as a dessert, it is also a splendid choice for a sweet touch for breakfast or brunch, served with a dollop of yoghurt or a drizzle of honey.

Do you want to try desserts from other countries or regions as well? Try a Danish rye bread cake with layers of rye bread cake bottoms, blackcurrant jam, and dark chocolate. Or this bread pudding with banana and chocolate that resembles classic bread pudding. You can also opt for an indulgent banana toast with nut butter that makes you think of classic American flavour combinations with cream cheese, peanuts, and bananas.

A decadent dessert for every occasion

Bread pudding is a dessert that is just as elegant as it is effortless to make. It easily impresses any child and adult with its rich layers of custard-soaked bread and tender apples, yielding a luxurious texture and deep, comforting flavours. Serve it at any occasion that needs something sweet and indulgent, as it transitions smoothly from a casual family gathering to an elegant dinner party dessert. Serve your delicious bread pudding for holidays, celebrations, or as a Sunday brunch dessert highlight. Whether a festive table centrepiece or a simple dessert to brighten a regular day, it promises to delight with every bite.

Tailor the recipe to your liking

Make this traditional bread pudding even better by tailoring the recipe with your favourite flavours. For some extra spice, use nutmeg, ground cloves, or ground ginger, all integrating seamlessly with the cinnamon and cardamom.

For a twist on flavour and texture, chocolate chips − although not traditional in German Ofenschlupfer − introduce a rich, gooey sweetness that melds beautifully with the tartness of the apples and the mild flavour of the bread. Opting for soft brown sugar instead of regular sugar deepens the flavour, providing an irresistible caramel-like richness.

To highlight the fruity flavours, cranberries provide a tart contrast to the sweetness, adding a burst of fruity flavour and vibrant colour that makes the dessert even better suited for festive occasions.