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Scrumptiously good lemon blondies – fudgy brownies with white chocolate. Lemon and sour cream makes an acidic counterpart to white chocolate, giving you a heavenly sweet and fresh flavour with a soft and fudgy bite. Almonds add a rich, nutty flavour and some crunch to the blond brownies, perfectly balancing the denseness and fudgy texture. The buttery soft blondies are easy to make and only require a few ingredients. Serve with white chocolate shavings for an irresistible and delicious dessert or snack.


  • Preheat oven to 175°C regular oven.
  • Melt butter and 200 g of the chocolate in a heavy-bottomed saucepan at low heat. Keep stirring while it melts.
  • Remove pan from heat and let it cool.
  • Whisk eggs, sugar, and vanilla light and fluffy. Add the chocolate mixture and fold in sour cream and flour.
  • Gently fold in the rest of the white chocolate, lemon zest, and almonds.
  • Pour batter into a pan (approx. 20 x 30 cm) lined with baking paper.
  • Bake in the middle of the oven for 35 minutes until golden. It should be slightly gooey and undercooked when taken out of the oven. Let it cool off. Cut in 24 squares of 5 x 5 cm – 6 rows lengthwise and 4 rows width wise.

Bake white chocolate brownies ahead of time! You can easily bake these tasty treats a day before and enjoy them the next day. Let the blonde brownies cool off after baking and store them in an airtight container.


Want muffins instead of squares? Use the same batter to bake white chocolate brownie muffins in a muffin tin or cupcake liners. Depending on their size, fill each tin or liner with approx. 4 tsp of batter and bake in the oven for 15-17 minutes.

Questions about blondies

A blondie brownie is perfect for everyone that loves a good, fudgy brownie in a lighter, fresher variation with white chocolate. We have answered the most important questions about blondies so you can find out how to make these soft and gooey beauties.

What are blondies?
Blondies are typically referred to as blonde brownies and have a moist, gooey texture. Unlike the classic brownie, the white chocolate brownie is made without cocoa powder and instead uses vanilla to add flavour. Additionally, they may also contain different kinds of nuts, typically almonds as they complement the vanilla flavour.
How to make blondies?
Ready to make some blondies? It is just as easy as making regular brownies. Melt some of the white chocolate and the butter in a saucepan and allow to cool off before mixing with a light and fluffy mix of beaten sugar, eggs, and vanilla. Fold sour cream, flour, and the rest of the white chocolate into the batter with lemon zest and chopped almonds. Bake in a lined pan until golden; they should still be gooey and slightly undercooked. Allow to cool, then chop into squares and enjoy!
What is the difference between blondies and brownies?
At first glance, they seem pretty similar, aside from the obvious difference in colour, and they contain most of the same ingredients. But it really comes down to the chocolate. To get a classic brownie, you use dark chocolate and cocoa powder to get the dark colour and intense, deep flavour. In a blondie recipe, you use white chocolate instead, often complemented with fresh lemon zest, creating a deliciously dense and chewy white brownie.
Can you freeze blondies?
In the unlikely event that you are able to stop yourself from eating it all, freeze your leftover blondies for longer storage. Wrap each piece in cling film and wrap them in an airtight container before freezing. You can also freeze the entire blondie cake before cutting it into pieces using the same method. Once you have baked the blondies and they have cooled off, leave the uncut cake in the baking pan. Wrap the pan in cling film, followed by a layer of tin foil to avoid freezer burn. If stored right, you can freeze your blondies for up to 3 months.
How long do blondies last?
If you do not eat them right away, blondies can last 3 to 4 days if stored in an airtight container at room temperature. If they are sealed tightly in a fridge, they can last up to a week. Storing in the fridge might affect the texture, but to get the soft, gooey, and dense texture again, reheat them in the oven or microwave until slightly warm.
How to know when blondies are done?
The blondie brownie should have a gooey and slightly undercooked texture. When the blondies are done, they will pull away from the sides of the baking pan and have a light golden colour on top. You can stick a small knife or toothpick into the middle of the blondies to test whether they are done. If the knife or toothpick comes out almost clean, you can remove the baking pan from the oven – remember to take them out when they are still slightly undercooked.


100 g
White chocolate, coarsely chopped
300 g
Sugar (approx. 1¾ dl)
150 g
Vanilla sugar
2 tsp
Wheat flour (approx. 2 dl)
125 g
Lemon zest (unsprayed)
2 tbsp
Almonds, coarsely chopped
100 g
White chocolate shavings

Classic fudgy blondies for dessert and an afternoon snack

Indulge in these delicious blondie brownies bursting with white chocolate and lemon-infused flavour. With our recipe for blondies, you get to treat your family or guests to some sweet moments. Combining sweet and sour, each bite will taste like a slice of heaven. The fudgy blondie makes for a perfect dessert after dinner or a little sinful snack between meals. It is the perfect blondie recipe for entertaining guests, served with a delicate cup of tea or an intense, dark cup of coffee.

The delicate brownie with white chocolate

White chocolate has entered the stage! These tasty and fudgy brownies with a delicate white chocolate flavour are too good to pass up. With just a few simple ingredients you are only a couple of steps away from savouring a gooey blondie brownie with a nice almond crunch.

Choosing this white chocolate brownie does not mean saying no to bold and dark flavours. Take a look at our recipe for a classic brownie with walnuts, which is delicious next to blondies on an elaborate dessert table. Serve the dark chocolate brownie with a soft and creamy vanilla ice cream and the blondie with a sprinkle of fresh sweet homemade strawberry jam and a scoop of vanilla or strawberry ice cream.

Delight in the sweet almond and fresh lemon flavour

Our refreshing blondies recipe adds a little twist to an all-time favourite. The sour lemon zest complements the white chocolate and gives the blondies a delicious flavour. Adding vanilla to the batter complements balances the white chocolate and lemon zest and the almonds ensures crunchiness in every bite.

Add sweetness with fresh berries

White chocolate brownies are delicious all on their own, but you can make it a nice summer treat by adding fresh blueberries, raspberries, blackcurrant, or another of your favourite berries for a sweet and juicy burst. Follow the blondies recipe and carefully fold in the berries in the last step before baking it. Let the blondie brownies cool off and dress them up with a drizzle of white melted chocolate. No one will be able to resist these sweet blondie brownies with berries. You can also add a bit of orange zest with the lemon zest or simply substitute all of the lemon zest with orange.