Bean dip

Bean dip

30 min
A bean dip makes for a lovely addition to any snack spread and may even make for a tasty surprise in a packed lunch. Fortunately, making it at home is incredibly easy and requires only a few ingredients. In our recipe for bean dip with Greek yogurt, mashed mild white beans are flavoured with garlic, cumin, and cayenne pepper to create a tasty dipping sauce that may be used in a myriad of ways, including, of course, with mixed vegetable sticks and crispy grissini.


Step 1
  • Transfer beans, garlic, cumin, cayenne pepper, and salt to a food processor.
Step 2
  • Blend at the highest setting for approx. 2 minutes – or until the mixture is smooth.
Step 3
  • Add yogurt and blend at the lowest setting for approx. 30 seconds.
Step 4
  • Cover the dip and place it in the fridge.
Step 5
  • Arrange the vegetables on a platter and serve with dip and grissini.

Even though using canned beans is the easiest way to make the dip, you can substitute the canned goods for dried beans and still use our white bean dip recipe. However, as dry beans must first be soaked for at least 8 hours and boiled for 30-60 minutes until they are tender, the cooking does increase considerably. You can vary the dip’s smoothness by only blending until you think it is just perfect. Choose the consistency before adding yogurt, deciding on either a completely smooth, velvety consistency by blending longer or, if you want a coarser dip with a bit of bite, by blending it for a shorter amount of time.

Questions about bean dip

With an easy bean dip recipe like ours, making a savoury treat for when you feel 'snacky' is hassle-free. To learn more about it, have a look at our answers to the most frequently asked questions about it below.

What is a bean dip?
A bean dip is a dip made with any sort of beans, resulting in different coloured dips. When blended, white beans become thick, rich, and smooth, making them perfect for dips. Another reason they are great for this type of dish is that their mild, slightly nutty and earthy flavour may be seasoned in a myriad of ways. Favourites include black pepper, fresh or dried garlic, cumin, cayenne pepper, smoky paprika, chilli, onion powder, and lemon juice, as well as fresh and dried herbs like coriander, parsley, and dill.
How to make bean dip with canned beans?
Start by rinsing the white beans and letting them drip off. Blend them with crushed garlic, cumin, cayenne pepper, and salt for 2 minutes until smooth. Add the Greek yoghurt and blend for an additional 30 seconds to fully incorporate it. Taste to see if it needs more seasoning, salt, or acidity. Cover and place it in the fridge until you are ready to enjoy it with raw and steamed vegetables.
How long does bean dip last in the fridge?
Our bean dip with yoghurt will keep for up to 3-4 days in the fridge. Make sure to seal it tightly and keep it in the fridge at all times. A good tip is to store it in an airtight container and only take out as much as you plan to eat. This amount can then be transferred to a nice serving bowl that will make the thick dipping look appealing to friends and family.
Can you freeze bean dip?
Since it contains Greek yoghurt, you might risk ruining the texture if you freeze it. It might turn grainy or watery, compromising its otherwise smooth texture. So, we do not recommend freezing bean dip but simply serve it fresh and make a new batch when you need it. However, if you do want to freeze it, it will keep for up to 2-3 months in the freezer. Transfer it to an airtight container, make sure it is properly sealed, and pop it in the freezer. Let it thaw for at least a few hours in the fridge before you serve it and stir it well.
What to serve with bean dip?
Bean dips taste great as a snack with a lot of different vegetables, both raw and cooked. Try it with carrots, cucumber, peppers, and celery sticks or with steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. For a salty treat, it is also great with tortilla chips or crisps. This way it is perfect as part of a savoury snack spread for a large gathering. They can also be used as a spread in sandwiches, toasts, or paninis with different cold cuts, cheeses, and vegetables or as a homemade condiment in salads and bowls.


Bean dip
White beans like cannellini or butterbeans
1 can
Small garlic cloves, crushed
Ground cumin
½ tsp
Ground cayenne pepper
Coarse salt
1 tsp
Greek yogurt
250 ml
Mixed vegetables like broccolini or brussels sprouts
300 g
Root vegetables like parsnips or carrots cut into wedges
500 g
Serve with
100 g

Bean dip with Greek yogurt served with vegetable sticks

White bean dip has a subtle earthy and nutty flavour. Greek yogurt is added to ensure a velvety texture as well as a bit of tang. The thick yogurt's acidity helps brighten the rich dip and make the seasonings taste more pronounced.

The smooth, simple bean dip is hefty enough to stick to the vegetables, ensuring a good mouthful with each bite. Since it is delicious enough for people to keep coming back for more and even double dip, you might want to serve it in individual bowls!

Steamed vegetables or fresh and crispy root vegetables

Whether you prefer tender, steamed vegetables or fresh ones with a lot of crunch, a white bean dip makes for a great companion to your vegetables. The contrast between sweet, crispy root vegetables like carrots, beets, and parsnip and the smooth dip is delectable. But the way the rich dip covers succulent steamed vegetables like slightly bitter broccoli and brussels sprouts is also mouth-wateringly good.

Smooth cumin and garlic bean dip with white beans

Though white beans are quite mild-tasting, their earthy and nutty flavour makes them great for soups, stews, and dips alike. Their mildness lends well to being flavoured with different herbs and spices. Choosing pungent garlic, cumin, and cayenne pepper makes for a great flavour combination.

Cumin has a warm richness that adds a lot of depth to the dip, while the cayenne pepper brings a bit of heat and introduces a slight smokiness. The cumin's slight citrussy flavour helps keep the dip's flavour profile vibrant and allows the aromatic garlic to perfume it without becoming overpowering.

Add your own touch

Experimenting with dips is fun and easy. Since many enjoy a spicy bean dip with a bit of a kick, keep reading to learn about some different ways to turn up the heat.

A chilli bean dip can be made in a few different ways. You can use finely minced fresh chilli, chilli flakes, or chilli powder. Chilli powder usually contains different herbs and spices in addition to ground chilli, so be mindful of how this might impact the overall flavour profile of the dip.

You can also use pre-made spicy salsa if you do not feel like working with fresh chilli. Finally, a jalapeno bean dip with minced jalapenos is also incredibly tasty. You can use either fresh or pickled ones, depending on whether you like the acidic vinegary flavour of the canned ones or would prefer a milder, brighter note.

Use your white bean dip for other foods

To shake things up, try serving our easy white bean dip with garlic alongside different foods. Like guacamole, you can use bean dip for nachos, crisps, and other crispy snacks. It also tastes great with pita bread, flatbread, and toasted baguette if you want a heartier snack or appetiser.

It can also be used as a spread in tortilla wraps, sandwiches, toasts, and paninis or in salads and buddha bowls. It also tastes wonderful with grilled or oven-fried chicken.