Avocado mousse with rye bread chips

Avocado mousse with rye bread chips

30 min
Enjoy a soft, delicate avocado mousse with rye bread chips. Let every piece of rye bread chip scoop up a creamy green cloud full of rich, fresh flavours. The gorgeously green colours and impressive flavour profile make this recipe suitable for many occasions. Serve as an appetiser or starter for festive occasions, or enjoy it as a snack or a side for dinner.


Avocado mousse
  • Place avocado in a bowl and mash with a fork.
  • Cut half of the coriander into strips and fold them in with the other ingredients – save the whole coriander leaves for decoration.
  • Drain salad cheese, mash with a fork, and fold into the avocado mixture. Season to taste and place the avocado mousse in the fridge, covered.
Rye bread chips
  • Cut rye bread into thin slices and cut each in half.
  • Melt butter in a frying pan over high heat without letting it brown.
  • Fry rye bread slices over medium heat for about 8 minutes until crispy and golden – turn occasionally.
  • Let the rye bread chips cool on a sheet of kitchen paper and sprinkle with salt.
  • Scatter the whole coriander leaves over the avocado mousse and serve with the rye bread chips.

We recommend putting your leftover bread to good use. Day-old rye bread is easily revived when sliced and butter-fried into crispy rye bread chips. As opposed to fresh bread, it absorbs butter better and, therefore, gets the perfect crunch and flavour.


Choose ripe but not overly soft avocados to ensure the mousse gets just the right mushy texture. You can also alter the texture by mashing the avocados more or less, depending on your preferences.


Add lime juice as soon as possible after mashing the avocados to maintain the bright green colour and avoid browning.


Avocado mousse
Ripe avocados, diced
Fresh coriander
1 bunch
Tomatoes (approx. 200 g), finely chopped
Red onion (approx. 25 g), finely chopped
Small garlic clove, crushed
Salad cheese
100 g
Lime juice, freshly squeezed
2 tbsp
Coarse salt
½ tsp
Freshly ground pepper
Rye bread chips
Coarse rye bread
200 g
25 g
Coarse salt
½ tsp

Easy avocado mousse with tomatoes and salad cheese

Once you get to know this easy recipe for avocado mousse, there is no going back. It is a simple recipe with a delicious outcome. All it takes is some mashing and mixing, and soon, you have a smooth avocado mousse.

The combination of avocado and salad cheese gives the mousse a rich flavour and a creamy texture. Diced tomatoes and red onion are added to round out the flavour profile and inject a fresh zing into the avocado mousse.

Refreshing taste from lime and coriander

You need strong flavours to cut through the richness and creaminess of the avocado and salad cheese, so to achieve the perfect flavour balance, we add fresh lime juice and coriander. They provide refreshing flavours, so the mousse is not only rich and creamy but also refreshing. The lime juice provides a zesty, citrusy touch that ensures the avocado never becomes overpowering. The fresh coriander adds herbaceous notes, creating a pleasant depth.

Serve with crispy rye bread chips

We believe that the perfect bite is made up of contrast and nuances, so we serve the creamy avocado mousse with crispy rye bread chips. By doing so, we combine the thick and smooth texture of the mousse with the indelible crispiness of the bread. Toasted with butter and salt, every piece of bread with scooped-up mousse will be a delicious flavour. Something as simple as a pinch of salt will help cut through the richness of the mousse, allowing every mouthful to feel and taste good.

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Add your own touch

The avocado mousse with rye bread chips allows for great expressions of creativity if you want to add your own touch.

For example, add a pinch of cayenne pepper to your avocado mousse and see just how wonderful an addition it is. It gives the mousse a welcome heat, which pairs perfectly with the otherwise creamy, thick texture and the rich flavour.

For a refreshing touch, add diced fresh cucumber or peppers. They will provide a delightful crunch and add to the overall flavour experience. As a bonus, they also bring beautiful colours.

The avocado mousse can also be enjoyed as a dip for fresh vegetable sticks, such as carrots, cucumber, and celery sticks.