Crêpes suzette

Crêpes suzette

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Discover a French classic with our crêpe suzette recipe. This mouth-watering dessert is the perfect marriage of pillowy soft yet slightly crispy crêpes soaked in a rich, orange-infused buttery sauce. It is the ultimate sweet treat. To be true to the original recipe, the pancakes are to be flambéed in an orange liqueur. But these crêpes are simply covered and heated in a delicious orange sauce, giving you a taste of the famous crêpe suzette dessert. Serve with cold whipped cream on top.


  • Beat eggs, flour, and the rest of the ingredients well.
  • Pour 50 ml of batter into a small, hot pan (about 14 cm in diameter) and bake the crêpes over moderate to high heat - until golden.
  • Flip the crêpes and bake for 2-3 minutes in total.
  • Fold the crêpes twice. Bake the rest of the pancakes.
  • Melt the butter in a serving pan over high heat, but without browning.
  • Add the icing sugar, lemon and orange juices and cook well until the sauce thickens.
  • Warm the folded crêpes in the sauce and serve with whipped cream.

To get the perfect thin and soft crêpes suzette with a slight crisp around the edges, heat the pan slowly to the desired temperature; otherwise, you will constantly have to adjust the heat. If it is too hot, your crêpes will start burning. If it is too cold, they will stick to the pan. Bake the crêpes over moderate to high heat.


When baking the first crêpes, cover the bottom of the pan with a thin layer of butter. That way, it will be easier to flip, and the crêpes will have the right soft and crispy texture. Re-butter the pan for every 5-6 crêpes. Also, do not flip the crêpes too early, or they will tear. Wait until the surface of the crêpe is no longer shiny, and the edges are starting to brown.


If you want to add some extra orange flavour, cut away the outer peel of an orange, then slice the orange into smaller filets and add them to the crepes and the sauce.

Questions about crêpes suzette

Crêpes suzette is one of the most popular desserts in French gastronomy. Enjoy soft and crispy crêpes with a flavourful orange sauce served with a dollop of whipped cream. With our recipe and tips, you can impress your guest with a beautiful and delicious dessert. Read below and learn how to make crêpes suzette and other helpful information about this elegant and classic French treasure.

What is a crêpe suzette?
Crêpes suzette is a French dessert consisting of thin, delicate crêpes soaked in an orange-butter sauce. This pancake dessert is typically served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Made fresh at home, this dish is perfect for all sorts of occasions. It is famous as an indulgent and decadent dessert to be enjoyed as an after-dinner treat. A classic adult crêpe suzette is flambéed by adding an orange spirit or liquor like Grand Marnier, triple sec, or orange Curaçao to the sauce and lighting it on fire. It sure does make for an entertaining dessert with an irresistible, intense flavour.
How to make crêpes suzette?
Make the crêpe batter and pour approx. 50 ml into a small, hot pan. Bake the crêpes until they are golden, and the edges are starting to brown and become a little crisp. Carefully flip the crêpes and bake them for a total of 2-3 minutes. Fold the pancake twice into triangles and set them aside. To make the sauce, melt butter in a serving pan and add icing sugar, lemon, and orange juices. Cook well until the sauce thickens and has a syrup-like consistency. Warm the folded crêpes in the orange sauce and serve with whipped cream. Enjoy!
Can you make crêpe suzette sauce in advance?
If you do not flambé your crêpes suzette or add any spirit or liqueur, you can prepare the orange sauce the day before. After you have made the sauce, let it cool and store it in the fridge. It will congeal as it cools but once you warm it up, it will have the right consistency for the crêpes. When you are ready to serve the dessert, simply warm up the sauce before soaking the crêpes in it.
Can you freeze crêpes suzette?
Do you have any leftovers? The good news is that you can freeze the crêpes and sauce separately. To freeze the sauce, pour it into an airtight container and place it in the freezer. Let the crêpes cool and separate them with baking paper, so they do not stick together. Wrap the crêpes in cling film, followed by a layer of foil to protect them from freezer burn. Put them in a sealable freezer bag and place them in the fridge.
Why is it called crêpe suzette?
There are different stories as to how the recipe for crêpes suzette was invented. One of the stories states that, in the 19th century, an apprentice cook was making crêpes for the British Crown Prince and accidentally set a liqueur on fire. The cook dipped the crêpes in the flaming marinade, added more sugar and liqueur to make it tasteful, and presented it as a new recipe. The Crown Prince was delighted with the dish and named it after his companion, a French girl named Suzette. Another story says that crêpes suzette was invented in honour of a French actress who worked under the name Suzette and served crêpes on stage in her role as a maid.


Flour (approx. 1 dl)
60 g
Double cream
200 ml
100 ml
Finely grated lemons peel (unsprayed)
2 tsp
Butter – melted
100 g
100 g
Icing sugar (approx. 1½ dl)
80 g
Shredded oranges zest (unsprayed)
2 tsp
Freshly squeezed orange juice
125 ml
Freshly squeezed lemon juice
50 ml
Served with:
Double cream – whipped to a light foam
¼ l

Crêpes suzette – delicious French thin pancakes

Crêpes suzette is probably one of the most popular crêpe dishes in the world – crêpes of course being thin, sweet pancakes. These delicate French-style pancakes are folded and warmed in an orange butter sauce and served with a dollop of whipped cream to complete this marvellous decadent dessert. It is the perfect dish to round off the evening.

If you enjoy these crêpes suzette and want to dig further into the French gastronomy, try our rich, creamy, and caramelised vanilla crème brûlée. For more fruit-flavoured dessert, have a go at our delicious cherry clafoutis, rustic apple galette or puffy pineapple soufflé.

A beautiful combination of sweet crêpes and fresh orange

The taste of thin, soft crêpes in a caramelised sugar and butter sauce with fresh orange juice and zest is divine. These crêpes are warm, fresh, and sweet with an aromatic, citrusy flavour. You only need very few ingredients to make these sweet crêpes suzette, and you probably already have most of them at home. Adding water and double cream to the batter ensures that your crêpes are soft and smooth in the middle and slightly crispy around the edges. The orange-infused sauce requires freshly squeezed lemon and orange juice for the best flavour, combining sweet and sour citrus fruit in the best way. Soaked in this flavoursome orange sauce, your crêpes suzette will taste heavenly.

Delight your guests with crêpes suzette

Our crêpe suzette recipe is as delicious as it is beautiful. This mouth-watering dessert is a guaranteed showstopper that will spoil your guests and their tastebuds. Though this French classic may seem simple and quite humble, it is everything you are looking for in a dessert; it is decadent, rich in flavour and absolutely delightful. Coated in a rich, orange-infused buttery syrup, these crêpes suzette are truly dressed to impress. Your guests will not be able to resist them.

Add your own touch

Crêpes are known for their soft and smooth texture. By adding milk or cream to the crêpe batter, you obtain that texture, making it easier to fold and roll them. Though the crêpes are soft, they are still a little crispy around the edges because of the water added to the batter. Alternatively, you can use beer instead of water, a classic crêpe trick from the North to make them smoother and softer. For a little crunch in the dessert, sprinkle the crêpes with toasted almond slivers or flakes.

Try crêpes suzette flambées

Did you know that a classic, grown-up crêpes suzette is flambéed with a dash of orange spirit or liqueur, such as Grand Marnier? Pour approx. 50 ml of a liqueur or spirit of your choice like Grand Marnier, triple sec, or orange Curaçao into the pan with the orange sauce. Light it immediately and shake the pan occasionally; the alcohol burns off when the flame disappears. Once the flame has died out, add the folded crêpes to the sauce and let them bathe in the orange syrup-like sauce.

The flambéing enhances the orange flavour and makes for an entertaining tableside show that will amaze your guests. The blue flames dance over the crêpes for a few seconds before they burn out. Take your safety precautions before trying out this crêpes suzette flambées recipe at home!